A mans guide to body hair, …. From the Nurse….

Whoa hold on a minute – isn’t body hair manly and rugged? Some think so, some don’t, some want to remove hair for hygiene reasons, and some for sporting ones.  Whatever the reason, body hair removal for men is becoming more and more common, with as many different ways of going about it as women use.

Impressing the ladies? 

Who doesn’t like a nice smooth chest to snuggle up to? Or perhaps you prefer the furrier options? Men are increasingly wanting to improve their self confidence by emulating the famous and desired in the public eye. Who more famously flouts his immaculate chest in public than the one and only David Beckham? He has one of the biggest influences on hair style and fashion throughout the world.  Many men dream of a torso and physique like this man – and part of that image is a body as hair-free as possible.

Sporty physique?

Many athletes use various hair removal methods to help them in their chosen sport. The most common sports for hair removal are cycling and swimming – there may be some truth that it helps with ‘streamlining’, although this is more likely to be the case with swimming than cycling. The most common reason for hair removal when it comes to cycling, is improved healing after a nasty case of road-rash… ouch….

Swimmers tend to remove hair completely before a big race to make themselves as sleek and streamlined as possible.

 Hair removal for men at home or with the professionals?


So how do the boys achieve their sleek images? The most common methods shaving and waxing. Shaving is cheap (in the short term), however results are short lived, and regrowth can be felt, if not seen, within a few hours.

Waxing – now this can be done at home but takes a will of steel, and perhaps something cold and alcoholic to help you on your way. On the plus side, you will get a good result for a few days, maybe even a week, but then regrowth soon returns and will then have to be left to grow for several weeks before it can be repeated.

The professionals?

Waxing is often best left to the pros – you can damage the skin if you aren’t experienced. If you need to do it regularly though, the cost can mount up – a full leg treatment for a man can be anything up to £30 a time, so over the course of a year, that is quite a lot for a treatment that only gives a few days of results.

 Laser Hair Removal

The other increasingly common treatment is Laser hair removal. This is a light-based treatment that works on the pigment in the hair, causing the hair follicles to be permanently destroyed. The pros are that each treatment leads to a permanent improvement to the hair in that area, the cons are cost – however, once it’s done, you don’t have to keep forking out, except for the occasional top up in some cases.

But is it painful? – many types of laser are indeed painful – with descriptions ranging from a ‘rubber band flick’ to ‘white knuckle agony’ – however, none of these apply with the best, and newest technology availabe from Alma lasers – the Soprano Ice. This is pain free (virtually pain free in a few instances), and has excellent coverage – meaning better, long term results.

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