A man’s guide to body hair removal….

Hold on – isn’t body hair manly and rugged? Some think so, some don’t, and some want to remove hair for sport or hygiene reasons.

Whatever the reason, body hair removal for men is becoming more and more common, with as many different options as for women.

Who doesn’t like a nice smooth chest to snuggle up to? Or perhaps you prefer the furrier options? Men suffer self-confidence issues as much as women, and often celebrity influence plays a huge part in both male and female grooming habits – Ryan Gosling for example flaunts an immaculate chest, with not a hair to be seen, but conversely, Jason Momoa shows off more traditional chest fur. However an element of grooming now exists even with the hairier of the species – with the likes of Gerard Butler sporting short trimmed, tidy chest hair, but completely hair free upper arms and shoulders – a long way from Toms Selleck and Jones medallion-wearing hairy chest wigs fo the ‘80s!

Whatever the desire, men are increasingly searching for hair removal options.

Hair removal for sport?

Athletes often remove hair to help them in their chosen sport. The most common sports for hair removal are cycling and swimming – there may be some truth that it helps with ‘streamlining’, although this is more likely to be the case with swimming than cycling. The most common reason for hair removal when it comes to cycling, is improved cleaning of a wound, and healing after a nasty case of road-rash… ouch….

Professional or DIY Hair removal?



Shaving is cheap (in the short term), however results are short lived, and regrowth can be felt, if not seen, within a few hours. Shaving rash and ingrowing hair can be common problems.


With a bit of mess, and perhaps a waxing-buddy to pull off those real humdingers, this can be done at home but the level of pain can mean that many wouldn’t even try, but it can be a cheap option. Regrowth takes 3-10 days and unsightly spots and ingrowing hairs are common.

The professionals

Waxing is often best left to the pros – you can damage the skin if you aren’t experienced. If you do it regularly though, the cost can mount up – a full chest treatment for a man can be around £35 a time, so regular waxing can mount up.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is becoming more commonplace, with many celebs turning to this permanent method. Results start straight away, as long as treatments are performed regularly. Six to 12 treatments are usually recommend, depending on personal preference, hair colour and coarseness.

In the short term, laser hair removal can seem costly with treatments starting at around £140 for shoulders, but when time and number of treatments is taken into account, it can work out very cost effective.

Laser hair removal is thought to be very painful, but thanks to advances in technology, better, pain-free options are now available. The Lumenis Light-Sheer is described as ‘comfortable’ (meaning you don’t get the oft-reported hot, painful rubber-band flick sensation) and the Soprano Ice In-Motion system, which is completely pain-free*.

Just make sure that you use someone medically trained, qualified and insured – as there is no requirement to register as a laser practitioner and there is no regulation in the UK surrounding the use of therapeutic lasers.


Mens chest laser hair removal sutton coldfield

Part way through hair removal – difference can be seen around tattoo as this area cannot be treated



mens hair removal laser sutton coldfield