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Dr Sarah Wright is an Aesthetic doctor and GP with over 10 years experience, having qualified with distinction and holds a diploma in Dermatology enabling her to advise on many aspects of skin care.  She prides herself and her aesthetic practice in enhancing your natural features and giving a refreshed revived look, whilst maintaining a natural look. Dr Wright uses only very well known and respected products from the top aesthetic Brands.   She is trained in both wrinkle relaxing and dermal filler treatments. These include more advanced procedures such as treating hyperhidrosis for excessive sweating.  All treatments are carried out by Doctor Wright herself, and she offers free no obligation consultations and will tailor all treatments to be bespoke to your specific wishes and needs.
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Soul4Soles Foot Care is a professional company undertaking routine work necessary to maintain the health of your feet. This may include nail trimming & correction, skin conditions, dry and cracked skin on the feet and heels, heel pain, corns, callous, veruccae, blisters, athlete’s foot, and management of ingrowing nails (without invasive surgery). We also offer diabetic foot assessment and monitoring, treatment of fungal infections and general advice and guidance on foot care and foot wear. Experienced and insured Foot Health Practitioner (Sac Dip FHP Adv). All equipment is autoclave sterilised in pouches which are opened with client.

Aston Wood Golf Club, Blake Street, Little Aston, Sutton Coldfield, B74 4EU
0121 227 4111 clinic@xodosltd.co.uk