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Solving Skin Problems

People often search for us not to book ‘a treatment’ but to solve a problem.

That problem might be:

Not knowing what they should be using in a good, effective home skin care routine;

Sore, irritated, inflamed skin;

Embarrassment of growing old, developing lines and wrinkles, and sagging skin but not knowing how to deal with those visible signs of ageing;

Confidence-shattering acne or rosacea, or hormonal breakouts;

The misery of dry, dehydrated, sore and flaky skin;

How to stop make up sliding off their face due to oily skin

and many more!

We don’t offer ‘a treatment’. Sally, our nurse offers the solution. She treats everyone like an individual, and after careful discussion and consultation, will design a bespoke treatment plan, with desired outcomes, and provide you with written solutions for both homecare and in clinic treatments.

We often see people who come to us asking for a particular treatment such as microneedling or dermaplaning, because they have seen a friend have good results with it. It may be that we are able to offer that treatment for them, but Sally will always be honest about the type and frequency of treatments they should be having. the treatment should always solve the problem, or at least be part of the solution.

Nothing happens overnight – it took your whole life for your skin to be as it is, it will not change completely with one treatment, or the addition of one new product. All of those things will help, but other elements may need to be taken into account. Rosacea, acne and other skin conditions can often be triggered, worsened or at least affected by environmental issues, stress and general and gut health issues.  The trick is to put in a holistic plan of care to resolve these problems, and Sally can help do that. Trust the Process – results don’t happen by magic, it is important to take the advice given, follow through on treatment plans and ensure your homecare routine is the best that it can be!

We are able to treat a whole range of skin conditions, including ageing, Rosacea, Acne, scarring, dry skin, wrinkles and lines, sagging jawlines, pigmentation and sun spots, and general skin care, including prescription homecare products. We offer chemical skin peels by AlumierMD, the amazing WOW! fusion treatments, Geneo+ oxygenating, exfoliating facials which include Tripollar Radiofrequency Skin Tightening, Microneedling treatments using SkinPen, Dermaplaning for exfoliation and ‘peach fuzz’ removal.

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Initial 30-minute consultations are £30, bookable online. It is also possible to book a more comprehensive assessment which will include removal of all make-up and a mini in-clinic treatment. Photographs will be taken at this appointment, and more in-depth advice will be possible. All appointments are subject to a booking fee dependent on the length of appointment. This is non-refundable in the case of non-attendance, cancellation under 72 hours, or rearrangement of appointment under 48 hours.

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