Are you looking for local hair removal specialists? We are here in Lichfield!

Tucked away in a lovely, discreet location near Lichfield, Xodos is a professional, nurse led clinic offering pain free laser hair removal, laser aesthetics, tattoo removal and other fabulous and luxurious treatments for skin and body.

We are privileged to have the amazing, world class Soprano Ice laser platform, made by the incredible company, Alma Lasers who specialise in all things laser. We are now also the proud owners of the Lumenis M22 platform (named after a star apparently!), and can now offer ground breaking laser treatments for the skin.

We are able to treat all skin colours, even the darkest tones, pain free, and almost all hair types and colours are suitable. The only colour that doesn’t respond at all are grey, white and light blond. Even some red hair will respond with careful encouragement!

We get such brilliant responses from our clients – why not read our testimonial page, which includes the review thread from The Best of Lichfield. These reviews are all genuine, from actual clients of Xodos, and can really help you make up your mind about treatments you may want to have, but perhaps don’t know enough about yet.

All of our consultations are free of charge and we do not make you commit to anything – it’s all in your own time!

Why not call us today? or perhaps fill in our contact form and we will call you when it is convenient.

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