Body hair – does it cause you embarrassment?

Should you remove hair?

Listening to @thejeremyvine show today on BBC Radio 2– they were discussing body hair on both men and women, the embarrassment it can cause and whether it should be removed. What are your thoughts?

Hair and self confidence

I see a huge amount of people – men and women – who have genuine problems with the hair they have. This can be body hair, so excess hair on legs and arms, and in men, very hairy chests and backs – and we find particularly hairy shoulders cause a problem. It can be facial hair on women – I have had a client who lost her job, her partner and had serious problems with her mental health due to very excessive, male pattern facial hair.

My favourite day since I started in business was the day that she called me to tell me she had her first date in years, and it was thanks to me and the laser treatment we had performed.

Actually, it wasn’t down to me, but the treatments we had done had enabled her self confidence to rise enough to get herself back out to socialising, and is now very happily with her now not-so-new partner!

Men and body hair issues

Another favourite story was the Dad who came to me, almost in tears because of the guilt he felt when her refused to take his small son swimming. The reason? Exceptionally hairy shoulders. He had never taken his shirt off on the beach, and didn’t feel he could go swimming. Some would argue that the answer is in his self esteem, and actually getting him to realise that the hair itself was not the problem, rather his feelings towards it. However, after just the first treatment he came to see me beaming that he had taken his son swimming not once, but three times since his first treatment!

I get similar responses from mums who can go swimming with their children at the drop of a hat, because they no longer have to plan days in advance to make sure their bikini lines are safe to expose in a swimming costume!

back hair laser hair removal sutton coldfield west midlands

The results of just 6 treatments of soprano ice laser hair removal on a clients back, 8 weeks after last treatment.

Do you care about your body hair?

Equally there are plenty of people out there who either love or are indifferent to their body hair – and that’s great, because it takes all sorts, and we are all different. Wouldn’t it be dull if we were all the same and liked the same things?! If you want to chat about this then contact us on 01543 396609 or you can even book online now!

Tell us what you think – do you love it, hate it, or couldn’t care less?!

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