Changes to Alumier MD Purifying Gel Cleanser:

It has come to our attention that since a change to the formula of Alumier MD Purifying Gel Cleanser was introduced, there have been a small number of clients reporting reactions to it. 

We want to reassure clients that this is NOT an allergic reaction, but rather a response to a change in pH levels. 

What Happens?After a few days of use, clients have reported a rash or ‘reaction’ to the product, with skin becoming reddened and sore, or dry. 

Why does this happen?The change in pH of the product affects the pH of the skin – so in clients who have a compromised protective layer, which will particularly affect those with dry and sensitive skins, this can cause a sensitivity after a few days of use. 

What should I do?In the short term, stop using it and contact the clinic asap. (see below for the best ways to do this). A few days of products should help this – if you do not have these products, the clinic will provide you with 4-5 days worth of: Sensicalm CleanserRecovery BalmSheer Hydration Sunscreen Also, if you have Ultimate Boost Serum, this should be used as well. Avoid retinols, Bright & Clear, Enzymatic peel or anything with a resurfacing action. 

IMPORTANT: What to do when returning to Gel Cleanser:Use a very small amount of gel cleanser onto wet hands to a foam (there wont be ‘bubbles’ due to our products not having sulphates)– about ¼ pump. Massage onto wet skin, with plenty of water. Use a cloth to wipe the skin and then rinse with plenty of clean water. If these instructions are followed, it is unlikely that you will have further problems with Gel Cleanser. We will follow you up and ensure that there are no further problems.

If you have any questions please let us know in the first instance – we can offer advice by phone or facetime if necessary to save you a trip into the clinic.

We take these instances seriously, but in most cases they resolve fully without any problems when returning to the product.

Don’t forget we can arrange a consultation free of charge, or you can choose to add a treatment at the same time, and we can review your skin needs.