Choosing the right hair removal solution – it’s a gift!

Waging war against hair that grows where we don’t want it to has led to the health and beauty market being flooded with gizmos and gadgets, lotions and potions that promise quick, convenient hair removal. Some go further and promise a temporary or permanent reduction in hair regrowth.

As the invitations to Christmas and New Year celebrations start to arrive you might be thinking about how you can enjoy a smooth and stress-free party season looking fabulous and feeling super-confident in strappy frocks and glamorous cocktail dresses.

You may have seen ‘mail order’ offers in magazines and on TV for devices that promise revolutionary hair removal methods. However, the results of any hair removal procedure will vary from individual to individual. The genes you have inherited from your parents and any medication you are taking are among the factors that can impact on the effectiveness of hair removal. At Xodos I offer a free, no-obligation consultation and patch test which allows me to advise you about the results that you PERSONALLY can expect. As a former nurse I understand the impact of hormones and health on hair growth. A free consultation could prevent you from wasting money on gadgets that sound great but might not give you the results you want and need.

So how do you choose between the other main methods of hair removal on offer?


Shaving with a handheld razor or an electric shaver is quick, inexpensive and pain-free (unless you nick yourself) – but the hair grows back quickly, within a day generally, and usually feels coarser and there is a high risk of shaving rash on sensitive skin. Ingrown hairs are a real risk and can be unsightly and embarrassing. Those razor nicks also result in you dabbing up blood when you should be slipping into your glad rags ready to party – and scarring is also a possibility.


Waxing can be messy and painful whether you go to a salon for treatment or try a do-it-yourself at home kit. Hairs can break off and be left behind too, so the result on areas such as legs is not as silky-smooth as you may wish. Because the hair is ripped out from the follicle the results of waxing do last a little longer, but you need to leave it to grow between appointments – you might get a week or two hair free, but then you are back to the long trousers until your next treatment!


Epilators are mechanical devices that very quickly grasp a number of hairs and pull them out from their roots. It generates a similar level of pain to waxing – because they are doing the same thing – although epilators are less messy as there’s no hot wax involved.


If you just have a few stray hairs, plucking them out with tweezers can be a good option, and regrowth is slower than shaving. But trying to pluck larger areas is not advisable because apart from the time it takes there is a risk of ingrowing hairs and scarring.

Depilatory creams

These creams are messy and can cause burns if accidentally left on too long or if your skin is very sensitive. Moderns creams tend to have added scents to prevent them from smelling too horrible – but many people don’t enjoy the odour when using them. Regrowth is slightly slower than shaving but the hair will continue to grow in regular cycles meaning regular removal sessions are a must.


Electrolysis should only be done by an experienced and fully-trained professional. It involves putting a tiny needle into the hair follicle and then passing an electric current through it, permanently destroying the ability for new hair to grow from that particular follicle. It is a slow method as each hair follicle is treated individually so it is not suitable for large areas of skin – such as legs and men’s backs. There can be some redness and a little localised swelling immediately after the treatment but the results are permanent, but very time consuming. It is the only option still for grey and white hair.

IPL – intense pulsed light

IPL is a form of light therapy. The light emitted by the machine – using a range of wavelengths – is absorbed by the pigment of the hair (the substance that gives hair its colour), turns to heat and destroys the cells that make up the growing hair. It is only effective for those with light skin and dark hair. It is less powerful and less effective than laser treatment. It can range from uncomfortable to very painful and it uses a wide range of wavelengths making it less focused and specific than laser treatment.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is generally regarded as the most effective hair removal method. Sessions are also quicker than both electrolysis and IPL. Like IPL it exposes the hair follicles to light that heats them under the skin until they cannot produce new hair. The main difference between IPL and lasers is that lasers work on a single wavelength that can be tuned to the level required to treat your specific hair colour and skin tone. However, the heat produced by many lasers means that lots of pre-cooling is required, or protective gels and numbing agents are sometimes used. Skin can be red and sensitive after sessions.

Why is my Soprano™ Ice Laser Machine different?

The Soprano machines that I use at Xodos have a patented DualChill™ treatment tip, which means that your skin stays cool and comfortable during and after a session. They also have unique, IN-Motion™ technology that sweeps across the skin and does not miss any spots.

It is genuinely pain-free. After each treatment, you should see a noticeable, permanent reduction in the number of hairs that regrow in the area that has been treated. Everyone is slightly different but usually eight treatments will permanently reduce the number of regrowing hairs by up to 70-80%.

If you know someone who has tried and failed to get the results they wanted with other methods, I can offer gift vouchers as presents for a super-smooth 2016.

Have a patch test before Christmas and you could fit in a treatment ahead of the holidays to give yourself up to two weeks hair-free – and that’s one tedious chore off your to-do list.  Or why not get your loved one a voucher for treatment? Buy for a specified amount (starting from £50) or get them a voucher for their whole treatment block – they will love you for it!

Call my clinic on 01543 415942 or email for more information. I operate from a discreet office on an out-of-town development making all consultations confidential for men, women and transgender clients.

-free – and that’s one tedious chore off your to-do list.

Call my clinic on 01543 415942 or email for more information. I operate from a discreet office on an out-of-town development making all consultations confidential for men, women and transgender before and after