Facial hair – can your really get the results that you want?

Facial hair can be notoriously tricky – hormones play a very big part, and the body can be very determined. This is never more the case than in our community of transgender clients, for whom facial hair is a huge factor. For transgender women (male to female transition), facial hair is one of the first attributes that a client would want to change, as it is an overtly masculine feature, but it can prove incredibly difficult to manage.

Here are 2 pictures showing the ongoing results on one of Xodos’ transgender clients facial laser hair removal. Facial hair can be very difficult to treat in these clients, as the body is very strongly ‘programmed’ to grow it, and we are constantly fighting the barrage of hormones that are responsible. However, just 8 treatments in, the results on the second picture are after 4 days of not shaving, and with each treatment the results keep on improving. contact us on 01543415942 for more details of our pain free laser hair removal, including NHS funding for transgender facial hair removal.20161219_1658046 fb_img_14830155646111