Permanent laser facial hair removal in Sutton Coldfield

Facial hair growth

Facial hair in women, or hair in places it shouldn’t be is probably more common than you would think, and it is one that we understand very well. It can cripple a woman’s self confidence, causing huge embarrassment – and it can start at any age. A very common time for new or worsening facial hair growth is after having children, as well as pre-and post-menopause, change of hormone contraception and anything else that causes hormone-related changes. Hormone related conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) can cause abnormal levels of hair growth in women, and not just on the face, but also on the body including the back, chest and abdomen. What is the answer? Some women choose facial waxing or threading, but the best, and only permanent solution is laser hair removal.

Facial hair removal sutton coldfield

Face hair, affected by hormones

Areas for facial laser hair removal

The most common facial hair that we treat is the lip and chin, with these being most likely to be affected, but can also treat across the cheeks, neck and side burns. We also offer facial and body hair removal for Transgender clients – and we are also funded for facial hair removal in some of these cases.

This video taken live at our clinic shows a full treatment on a client who suffers from excess facial hair growth.

Here at Xodos, we get really great results despite these issues, and our reviews support that. However it is worth bearing in mind that persistence is key – it can be stubborn, but stick with it and you can get to the point where you dont think about it on a day to day (and minute by minute!) basis any more.

Professional laser treatment

We will always assess you at each treatment to make sure we do the right things to get the best results possible – almost all of our hair removal is done on our world class laser, the Soprano Ice, which is genuinely pain free, and more effective than most other lasers out there. However very occasionally, fairer and finer hair can be difficult to treat, so we occasionally use the IPL system on our Lumenis M22 to push facial hair results forward once it is less coarse.

But what if some of that hair is grey? – unfortunately lasers will not treat grey hair, so the longer it is left, the harder it will be to treat. The key is to treat facial hair early, with our world class pain-free laser treatment, before the hair starts to turn grey, and even if there are one or two, start straight away before more of them turn – an inevitable consequence of age.

Transgender facial laser hair removal sutton coldfield

Facial hair removal for one of our Transgender clients

Testimonials and reviews on our laser hair removal treatments

Why not read some of our testimonials and reviews? We always strive to get the best results, and staff are fully trained and supervised to get you the best results.

All of our consultations are free of charge with no obligation, and we will make sure we give you the best advice possible, and be as honest as we can about the results you are likely to get. Click the link and ‘Book Now’, or call us for an appointment with the Nursing Director on 01543 396609. Appointments are flexible, with evening and weekend appointments available.

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