Facials – be delighted or your money back!

Do you have regular facials?


Why should we have regular facials – and what are the benefits?


If you already have regular facials, you will know the difference they can make. Healthy, glowing skin can lift your confidence, and the results can keep you looking younger, fresher and beautiful.


A great skincare routine is so important!  Daily cleansing, treating and moisturising of the skin is vital for your skins health.  Helping to make your skin more supple, look fresher and younger is what most people want!  However, even the best home-care products won’t beat the results of adding regular, quality facials.


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Facial treatments at Xodos

What can be achieved with a facial?



Amazing, deep hydration facials such as the Alumier Aqua Infusion Mask,  fight against the dehydration that can come with age, and help the skin’s ability to hold onto moisture for up to 72 hours. This formula is oil free making it perfect for oily or acne-prone skin. 



The most common reason for someone to start facial treatments is worries over ageing; lines and wrinkles, age and sun spots, dryness, sagging and dull skin.  Good quality regular anti-ageing facials, including hydration, exfoliation and massage, can help slow down ageing and increase the skins’ ability to make fresh new skin cells. Chemical peels are the most effective form of anti-ageing facial, as they work on the top layers of the skin, speeding up cell production and can even help increase collagen production.


Acne and rosacea:

Problem skins can be difficult to live with, and can really make a difference to how you feel day to day. Specialist skin facials designed to reduce redness, spots and blemishes and other problems can really help those affected by these conditions.


One-off special occasion facials:

Wedding? Prom? Hot date?!  A lot can happen with a one-off treatment!  Short-term toning and brightening can add a lot to how you look for a special event. AlumierMD’s enzyme skin treatment, which removes all the dead skin cells leaves your complexion looking glowing, hydrated and bright. It’s so effective it’s known as the ‘Red Carpet Peel’!



The use of products and massage, including lymphatic drainage will improve blood flow to the skin, to bring nutrients, and remove waste products.



Just laying still and quiet in a relaxing, calm treatment room will reduce stress and lower cortisol levels (the ‘stress hormone’). There is something calming and ‘meditative’ about handing over control, and being treated that feels sooo relaxing.


Having a qualified therapist regularly looking at your skin also makes sure that you will have professional advice on homecare and ongoing treatment, to make sure you get what is absolutely right for your skin. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment or product, so this advice is priceless if you are concerned about your skin.


Those that already do will tell you why it’s such a great idea – and if you don’t, why not give it a go? Did you know you can now book online?


But how do you get your money back? If you currently have facials but perhaps think you aren’t getting the results you want, book a course of facials or peels at Xodos, and if you are not delighted*, you will get your money back! And we will throw in a FREE enzyme peel with your initial (free!) skin consultation as a lovely thank you to get you started!

*t&cs apply

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