First injectables clinic here at Xodos!

We were delighted to hold our first injectables cosmetic clinic here at Xodos today – our Aesthetic Nurse, Marie, saw several lovely ladies and performed some fabulous treatments – and it gave Sally, our Nursing Director, the opportunity to chat about our amazing Alumier Cosmeceutical products to support the treatments that are being done by our aesthetic team.

If you want some fabulous anti-ageing treatments, to improve problems such as pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, dry, dehydrated skin, and many other skin problems such as thread veins and acne, we can address all of these problems with an array of solutions including injectables, products, chemical skin peels, IPL and laser treatments, radio frequency skin tightening and many others! All you need to do is call or message us on 01543 415942 or, and we can arrange a free consultation to have a chat about your needs and requirements.

If you need skin care products, call us and we can arrange a full skin assessment. Don’t wait – get on top of skin ageing now, and benefit from the results straight away!