Foot Health Clinic at Xodos at Aston Wood Golf Club, in Sutton Coldfield

We are delighted to tell you that we have the lovely Lisa O’Brien with us on Friday 26th January for a Foot Health clinic, so if you have any foot concerns from dry, cracked skin, to verrucae, corns and ingrowing toenails, then call upon 01543 396609 to book your appointment!

While she is not a Chiropodist, she is a fully qualified and very experienced foot health care specialist, who can deal with a huge range of foot health concerns and conditions right from our lovely clinic here at Aston Wood Golf Club, Sutton Coldfield.

chiropody foot health Sutton Coldfield

Lisa showing us her freshly sterilised equipment!

Come for a chat, or maybe a treatment and leave with your feet feeling pampered, shiny and new!

Foot health Sutton Coldfield