Get ready, get set for Easter holiday fun!

Have you planned your Easter getaway yet? Are you looking forward to long, lazy days by the pool or on the beach, or will you be enjoying an action-packed break of water sports, swimming, sightseeing or clubbing till dawn. Whatever type of holiday you are planning there’s one chore you can avoid while you’re away – hair removal. Imagine having legs, underarms and bikini line that are super smooth and don’t need any attention with razor blades, fiddly tweezers, epilators or depilatory creams or sprays while you are away relaxing and having fun in the sun. Imagine no razor nicks or itchy, bumpy regrowth as those pesky and persistent hairs sprout back – or worse, start ingrowing. I started my award-winning Xodos business, and invested in a state-of-the-art Soprano® ICE laser hair removal machine, because it changed my own life when I tried one and realised it was pain-free and gave permanent results. The machine can comfortably treat any areas of your face and body – even intimate areas. It also treats all skin tones and types. Hair grows in cycles, so a series of treatments at regular intervals can remove most hair* permanently. But even one session before you go away can leave you hair-free for your time away. Unlike some other hair removal systems, the Soprano® ICE machine delivers a gentle, cool, treatment that’s totally pain-free. It won’t interfere with any plans you have to swim or soak up some warming sun rays* – although wearing sunscreen is important for everyone to avoid skin damage. It’s not just women who want to be hair-free on the beach. I was thrilled when a male client, who’d never taken his shirt off in public in his adult life, proudly went topless on his honeymoon after I treated the excessive hair on his back that he had always despised, and that left him anxious and self-conscious. Get organised and get hair removal off your to-do list as your holiday approaches. There’ll be no need to pack shavers, razors or tweezers, or put up with harsh, painful waxing treatments, or hair removal machines that make your skin feel like it’s being pinged with stretched elastic bands.


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For many people, an average of eight sessions is required to give the best results, but with each session you’ll see the hair re-growth get finer and less profuse. We can deliver an initial treatment before your holiday and you can continue with your course when you return, tanned and relaxed and looking forward to a hair-free future. *White or grey hairs aren’t suitable for laser hair removal, but hair with any natural colour (red, brown or black) from a type of pigment called melanin usually responds well. A course of 8 sessions usually leads to around 70-80% permanent hair reduction. * A 2-week gap is required between treatment and sun exposure. This just happens to coincide perfectly with how long it takes for your to see the best results from a treatment!