Getting ready for a sizzling, stress-free summer of beauty

When I sat down to write this article about how Xodos is expanding into new beauty treatments, I was surprised to discover a handful of blog posts around the world by customers saying how stressful visiting a beauty salon or beauty spa can be.


Surely not?

I’ve always relished the chance to visit a good beautician. I enjoy discovering new treatments, techniques and advice that works. I believe it’s important to look after our skin and nails so that in years to come we can don’t suffer from problems caused by neglect or bad advice. For me the words and phrases I associate with a beauty salon are ‘relaxation’, ‘pampering’, ‘me time’, ‘feeling better’, ‘looking better’ and ‘being more confident’.

Of course, the experience you have at a beauty salon will be controlled by the owner and the staff – their friendliness, their knowledge, their expertise, the surroundings, the atmosphere and the quality of the machines and products.

When I began to plan the most ambitious and exciting stage of my business journey so far, I knew I wanted to create a salon with the spa experience – the type of place that I would want to visit time and time again.

I am currently expanding the treatments I offer and bringing on board experts in a range of new treatments including facials, skin rejuvenation, nails, waxing, eyebrows, eyelash tinting, spray tans as well as my award-winning laser hair removal , skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal services.

So, as I get ready to open a new salon and clinic at Aston Wood Golf Club – in addition to my existing clinic at Curborough Countryside Centre – here are my top five reasons why a visit to Xodos should be on your to-do list.

  1. Aston Wood Golf Club is a beautiful place, nestling in the countryside at Little Aston, between Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield. It’s beautiful all year round. The colours of the changing seasons and the sounds and sights of nature will instantly make you feel calmer and more centred as you walk into the clubhouse to enjoy your special time. It’s a friendly club with quality and customer service at the heart of all it does and I can’t think of a better place to launch my new venture.
  2. In my three years at Curborough I’m proud of the reputation I’ve earned, the awards I’ve received and the wonderful testimonials from happy customers. My priority is to ensure that the new staff I take on will share my vision for putting the customer and their best interests ahead of everything else. I want every customer to go away delighted with the treatments they have received. Everyone will get independent, quality advice and realistic assessments of what treatments such as facials, peels and skin rejuvenation will do for them.
  3. My state-of-the-art, pain-free, laser hair removal platform is still one of just a small number in use across the UK and produces results far superior to many machines in use in many other salons. It is my vision to continue to push the boundaries and bring the latest, best and safest technology in other areas of beauty and cosmeceuticals. For instance, if the phrase ‘skin peels’ makes you fear reddened, sore skin and uncomfortable procedures you can rest assured that the skin peels Xodos offers are a pleasant, relaxing experience with no discomfort or after-shocks. They will just leave you with brighter, fresher skin.
  4. Xodos means you are always in safe hands. As a registered nurse, safety and intensive training is never compromised in my business. All the people who I work with, and who work for me, will share my vision and will be experts in their own fields. For example, in the area of injectable cosmetics we already have two practitioners working from XODOS: aesthetic nurse Marie Yapp who will be based at Aston Wood, and GP Dr Sarah Wright, from Dermarevivall, who will be working from Curborough.
  5. Are you worried about the strain of making small talk with your beauty practitioner? For some people it’s the most stressful and uncomfortable part of a visit to a beauty salon. We know that some people enjoy the social experience of coming to a salon and chatting to their beautician as part of the experience. But we also appreciate that others will just want to relax and enjoy precious peace and quiet without conversation. At Xodos we promise to deliver exactly what you want and need. Whether you want to chat or not, we will create the tranquil atmosphere that means you can de-stress and unwind.

At Xodos there will be a spa experience with every treatment we deliver. You can lie back, relax and let any worries fade to nothing. We are confident you’ll leave with a spring in your step and feeling delighted with your results. It’s our priority to ensure that you enjoy the treatment as much as the final results.

Please call us on 01543 415942, or email, to find out more about when and where you can book in for the services we are now offering. It’s set to be a sizzling, stress-free summer for new customers and those who have become firm fans of our quality service in recent years.


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