Gut health and skin problems as well as weight loss

Gut health and skin problems

I have spent so long ‘doing’ skin now that I realised I was speaking to people about gut health on a regular basis and was starting to see the link with Gut Health and skin problems. There was clearly a link with conditions such as Acne, Rosacea, and even dry vs oily skin, lines and wrinkles, and I could see the effect of a strict vegan diet on the skin (not very good, by the way – particularly over longer periods of time). I can see that some people don’t tolerate dairy very well, and that shows on the skin. Poor gut health is very obviously associated with auto-immune and inflammatory conditions.

The more I saw all these things, the more I realised that I had to do more about it – it had to become a ‘thing’ in my clinic in its own right to address gut health and skin problems, as well as weight loss.

Get support on our 30 day course!

So was born A Gut Feeling. This 30 day course applies the knowledge that I have gained, alongside a robust supplement package, and goes on to include another 2 months of coaching (so 3 months in total). The personal, bespoke approach of coaching alongside the supplements means that everyone gets the right diet plan, advice, structure and strategies for them – it is really NOT one size fits all. The results are proving to be exceptional – many of our clients have lost weight (12lb in 4 weeks seems to be a good average), shrunk in dress size, seen improvements in their skin, including in their lines and wrinkles and other signs of ageing, and have even reported a reduction in mental health symptoms such as depression and anxiety.

This is Christine – this is a picture of her at each end of the initial 30 days – no filters, no make up, no trickery.

gut health and skin

Christine after 30 days on our gut health course!

I love seeing the difference this makes to people – and I am challenging assumptions and doctrine, I really have to get people to see things completely differently! Imagine turning everything you think you know about dieting and general health on its head… it’s eye opening, and the responses generally start with disbelief, then wonder and amazement, and even anger – people have thought they were doing the ‘right’ things with their diet and health for years, but actually realise that so much of the advice they have been given is flawed and in some cases blatantly wrong. As a result they have ended up bloated, overweight, unwell and exhausted – with skin conditions and looking older than they need to!

What do you have to do?

What have you got to lose? Come and join us for more information about gut health and skin problems, as well as weight loss at, and find out how to. join our next course!

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