How To Choose A Laser Hair Removal Clinic

So who wants smooth, hair-free skin without daily shaving or messy, painful, time-consuming treatment?
It seems that lots of people have this on their wish list, and spotting this trend, clinics and salons are springing up everywhere offering various hair removal solutions.

If you look at their brochures and websites you will see that many of them seem to be making similar promises.
So how do you choose between them and decide where to place your trust?

I think there are FOUR things that every customer should look for in a hair removal clinic:
• A guarantee of health and safety
• Professionally qualified staff
• Honest advice and expectations
• Great customer experience as a priority.

To satisfy yourself that you have come to the right clinic or salon you should ask questions about the type of equipment that they have and the experience and qualifications of the staff member that will be operating it.
There are lots of different methods of hair removal out there, but if you’re looking for genuinely pain-free, and permanent hair removal you shouldn’t be offered numbing gels or anaesthesia: you shouldn’t need it.

What experience do the staff members have in operating the equipment? Ask to see their certificates and qualifications – if they are a genuine operation, the certificates will be visibly displayed in the clinic. Is there information on the website about the staff you are going to see – and can you meet them if you call in to get more information?

I would recommend visiting the clinic or salon to see for yourself the level of privacy and comfort offered. Are the staff happy to offer you a free, no-obligation consultation and a patch test? Are all of your questions answered honestly and frankly?
Are there recent customer testimonials on the company website and on third party websites? ‘Google’ them and see what reviews come up on independent websites.

The price you are asked to pay should be set out clearly in advance – there should be no hidden extras.

This might sound like a lot of research and checking – but it is important to make sure that you are protecting your skin. Some cheaper, older machines may carry a risk of scarring and damage to your skin, even stimulating more hair growth and leaving pigmentation burns. Laser hair removal is not a registered therapy – anyone can buy a laser machine and practice with no guidelines or boundaries. If you have use professionally qualified clinician, they are bound by their professional codes of conduct so you know you will be in safe hands.

Some salons may not be able to safely treat your skin colour or may take your money knowing that there is insufficient pigment in your hair to get good, permanent results, and if they can’t answer any of your questions, make sure you get a satisfactory answer before embarking on treatment.

When I wanted permanent hair removal myself I looked at the options and chose the ground-breaking Soprano® IN-Motion® laser technology. It made a huge difference to my life. I was so impressed that I invested in the top of the range equipment and set up my own business. I was confident that it was the best, and I still am. The Soprano® ICE, made by Alma Lasers®, is the leader in the medical aesthetic marketplace. It’s the only laser hair removal treatment that can be described as pain-free.
As a former registered nurse I am confident in the long term safety of the machines I operate and can promise you independent, impartial advice. You will find an abundance of customer testimonials on my own website and also on sites such as The Best Of Lichfield.

My clinic is discreetly situated out of Lichfield town centre at the Curborough Countryside Centre. For many customers, including men and transgender clients, that privacy is important. No-one has to sit in a busy salon, walk through the door in a busy shopping area or feel embarrassed that eyes are on them.

I offer a free patch test that enables you to experience the pain-free hair removal treatment yourself. You will also receive a free consultation with me where you can ask any questions and get an honest assessment about the degree of success you can expect and how long it will take until you are hair-free. I will quote you a clear price upfront for your treatments. My business has grown because I don’t make unrealistic claims and I consistently achieve great results that delight my clients and transform their lives.

Call my clinic on 01543 415942 or email to book that free, no obligation appointment and look forward to the future with confidence. If you email with the message line of ‘Free Guide’, we will send you back our guide with some great information to help make your decision!