How Xodos can give you the glow of confidence

‘The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence’.

This saying, attributed to American actress Blake Lively, is often quoted online and it’s one that I agree with wholeheartedly.

Confidence, or the lack of it, has a massive impact on our personal and professional lives.

When we meet new people and want to make a great first impression it’s important to make eye contact and smile with confidence.

Whether it’s a first date, a wedding, a job interview, an important business meeting or a dream holiday you want to hold your head up and feel happy and proud. People who look down all the time; hunch their shoulders; spread their hands across their face and try to make themselves as small as possible, appear insecure and anxious.

Sometimes this type of nervous body language is the result of trying to disguise a facial hair problem. If that sounds like you, then I’d like to invite you for a personal, confidential consultation, free of charge and without obligation. I’d be delighted to offer you a free patch test with the state-of-the-art Soprano® ICE laser machine and talk to you about the difference effective, pain-free facial hair removal can make to your confidence levels.

One of my favourite testimonials ever was from the client who said recently: “Thanks Sally, I’ve got my first date in years tonight, and it’s all thanks to you!!”

Perhaps it’s body hair that causes you stress. A course of laser hair removal treatment would let you wear short sleeves, go swimming, to the spa or use communal gym changing rooms without embarrassment –and it can save you lots of time and discomfort compared to stubbly shaving, painful waxing and messy depilatory creams. Men as well as women can become unhappy because of excess body hair – and I’m on a mission to change that.

It won’t be long before I announce the two men (from the willing volunteers that my recent man hunt attracted) whose progress we’ll be following in words, images and videos in the coming months as one has a course of treatment on his back and the other on his chest.

I launched my private clinic, a mile or two outside Lichfield town centre, after I had treatment myself with the Soprano® ICE laser machine. I recognised how different it was to traditional lasers. I can recommend it because I know from personal experience that it works. In the same way I stock a small selection of quality skincare products at my clinic that I use and love. They make me feel confident that my skin looks and feels its best all the time and if you want to try them for yourself I’d be happy to help. But I’m not about the ‘hard sell’ so you can come along for a free consultation and patch test safe in the knowledge that you won’t be pressured into buying anything unless you and I are both convinced it’s what you want and need.

If you want to experience the Xodos way of removing hair, contact us for a free consultation and patch test on 01543 415942 or email us at