Injectable cosmetics at Xodos – facial treatments come to Lichfield!

As if the excitement at Xodos towers couldn’t get any greater, i’m am almost imploding with today’s news!!! I am SO excited to tell you that we have now got an amazing visiting nurse practitioner called Carmen (more details to follow) who will be running #Injectable Treatment clinics (you will know this as wrinkle relaxing (aka botox) and fillers!) from March! You will have to contact us really quickly if you want to get in for her first clinic – which is running from 1pm until 6pm on Monday 28th March, and then monthly thereafter – and possibly more frequently once you lot book her up! This is going to book up very quickly – email or call me asap to book, and we will make sure you get a space with her. I will post her details so you can see some of her work but what i’ve seen so far, I’m seriously impressed – this lady knows her stuff!!