Intimate laser hair removal – The bottom line!

Intimate laser hair removal – The bottom line!

Can it really be pain free?

One of my most popular treatments at Xodos is the Hollywood Bikini treatment, which for those not in the know is the removal of all hair, everything, in the bikini area. Many people (men and women, this isn’t just about the girls! – I just have never come up with a bloke-friendly word for it!) just don’t want the hassle of trimming a particular shape, and most say it makes them feel cleaner without hair at all. (Although we can do a variation on any amount or shape you require in any area!)

The alternatives almost don’t bear thinking about – a Hollywood wax, or worse a perianal one, on a man or woman, is an incredibly painful experience.   There are, of course, various lasers on the market, including the better-known IPL (Intense pulsed light – not actually laser but a similar principle although less effective than laser). Most of these other treatments hurt a lot, particularly on sensitive areas – the general consensus is that it feels like being flicked with red-hot rubber bands. The inner labia and around the vagina, for example, cannot be treated with the high intensity of laser that most clinics would offer, neither can the very delicate skin around the anus and perianal area without serious discomfort, and a risk of burning. The skin is delicate and soft and tends to be quite dark – this can easily burn with many types of treatment. Men also often enquire about having the hair removed from their penile shafts – again, an incredibly delicate area that would usually be exceptionally painful for most men.

So is it possible to treat these areas pain free? The answer is yes – at Xodos we only use the Soprano Ice, the state of the art, multi award winning pain free laser hair removal platform from Alma lasers. This amazing piece of equipment is designed so that treating even these delicate areas is pain free.

All intimate treatments are usually performed by our Registered Nurse, as we recognise that you want a professional, and one that will completely respect any potential discomfort or embarrassment you may feel undergoing such intimate and personal treatments. That being said, all of our clinicians are fully qualified and treat all of our clients with the utmost respect. We always ensure that we keep the treatment as discreet as possible, and with as much dignity as we are able to, given the circumstances. Why not have a read of this testimonial from one of our male clients, who was so grateful to have his dignity preserved so much compared to other treatments he had undergone in the past.

So if you want a gentle tidy-up of the bikini area, or a full clearance from front to back, Xodos can treat you pain free, and you will leave with your dignity intact. Why not call us to ask about a free consultation and patch test with our nurse? Call now on 01543 415942