Is your clinic up to scratch when you want to take off your tattoo?

Do you have a tattoo you wish you’d never had?  Got a name you regret? Want a change to your ink? When you go for tattoo removal, make sure you ask what type of equipment is being used – is it world class, quality equipment, or is it a chinese import. Ask if they have a maintenance contract with the same company, and is it maintained at least 6 monthly – please, please make sure they are not using instructions that are sent to them by the manufacturer to maintain it themselves. Check if the company provides regular support and training for the clinic, or are they left to fend for themselves. Are the staff trained, qualified clinical staff, with full insurance? If the answer to any of these is NO then it is vital to look again. Here at Xodos in Lichfield we can answer YES to all of these questions – don’t risk damage, nerve damage or scarring, or using an unqualified, uninsured clinic. Call 01543 415942 or message us for details.

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