Ladies and facial hair – a very sensitive topic……

….and one that we understand very well. As a women, it can be cripplingly embarrassing when facial hair starts sprouting – and it can start at any age. A very common time is after having children, as well as pre-and post-menopause, as hormones affect the growth of facial hair very strongly, and these are key times for hormones disruption. Top lip, and chin, and particularly what i call the ‘corners’ – i.e. the corners of the mouth, and either side of the chin are often the worst affected – and often the most stubborn to get results on . Here at Xodos, we get really great results despite these issues, and our reviews support that. However it is worth bearing in mind that persistence is key – it can be stubborn, but stick with it and you can get to the point where you dont think about it on a day to day (and minute by minute!) basis any more.

But what if some of that hair is grey? – unfortunately lasers will not treat grey hair, so the longer it is left, the harder it will be to treat. The key is to treat facial hair early, with our world class pain-free laser treatment, before the hair starts to turn grey, and even if there are one or two, start straight away before more of them turn – an inevitable consequence of age.

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