‘Laser Hair Removal?’ I hear you cry – why would you want that?!

Well why indeed? It sounds painful doesn’t it – and most peoples first experiences of it often are! There seem to be so many on the market now – IPL, Laser, Yag, Ruby, Alexandrite, do-it-yourself kits, and many other things promising wonderful results!  Hair Free! Smooth Skin! Permanent Hair Removal! I spent many hours, significant pain and even more significant cash trying everything i could to resolve my problem – that of unwanted hair.

Where to start 

  • Shaving – well I could manage about once every 3 weeks without looking like i had dipped my legs in acid.
  • Waxing – ouch! After the redness subsided, i was left with about 5 days of smooth skin, then it would start to grow back and i would then have to leave my hair to grow long for, well about 4 weeks until i could have it done again.  And they don’t mention the ingrowing hairs – the bumps, lumps, pus and pain that these can cause.
  • Plucking – generally on small areas, and the eye watering results would last a while, then a glimpse in the rear view mirror in bright sunlight would show up enough chin hair to make you think a werewolf was about to pounce on you from the back of the car….
  • Epilating – Quite frankly whoever designed these should be subjected to a slow horrible demise because that is how it feels to epilate something – how people do this regularly is beyond me! I occasionally psyched myself up for a session on my legs (anywhere else would send me into paroxysmal spasms), but only after a stiff drink. (see above regarding ingrowing hairs…)
  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) – i thought i had hit on something big here, someone pointed me in the direction of the nearest IPL clinic, and I had a couple of sessions of underarms. While not as eye-watering as some of the other options, little electric shocks coursed through my armpits causing significant grinding of teeth. However, the results were much more pleasing than anything i had done before – suddenly shaving became less frequent, my hair became less coarse and i started to see things improve.
  • Laser – after i had my children (i had to stop when i was pregnant as you can’t have lasering), someone recommended a clinic that specialised in pain free laser hair removal. i admit i was sceptical, but i went along and Oh My God! I remember using the words Life Changing. Suddenly, there was something out there that wasn’t painful, didn’t leave me looking like i exfoliated with brillo pads, and left me…… Hair Free! I had weeks where i didn’t need to shave, and each time the regrowth got less and less. after about 10 sessions, which took around a year, I suddenly discovered virtually nothing was growing back!

What was this miraculous treatment? It was the Soprano Ice – changer of lives!

And what did I do? I bought the machine. Why not try it for yourself?clinic 2