Laser hair removal, pain free, right here in the West Midlands!

Xodos has been up and running for almost 5 years, and we offer a whole range of fantastic treatments here at Aston Wood Golf Club, West Midlands. We are very conveniently situated near Lichfield, just 10 minutes from the city centre, and equally conveniently from Kings Bromleytown centre too! Our mainstay throughout that 5 years, and our only treatment when we were based in Lichfield, is that of the amazing Soprano Ice laser hair removal.

Highly regarded in the laser industry, the Soprano Ice is genuinely pain free ( our ‘virtually pain free’ caveat is necessary, as just occasionally a hair follicle will misbehave and you may feel a little zap!) , and give absolutely fantastic results. Now and again, it helps to have different wavelengths for problem hair (usually very fine/fairer top lips), so we are also able to use our amazing Lumenis M22 to target these problem areas, However for 99% of our laser hair removal, our Soprano Ice is a world leader and absolutely fantastic!

It is important to remember that Laser treatments as an industry are not regulated, so if you are looking for treatment, make sure your clinic is properly run, insured and that there is someone clinical and experienced at the helm to make sure treatments are performed properly. The Nursing Director at Xodos is Sally, a Registered Adult and General Practice nurse with over 28 years nursing and caring experience under her belt. Now working in the field of aesthetics and lasers, there is a whole wealth of experience here in the driving seat!

So if facial hair is getting you down, or the hot weather means your hairy back and shoulders is driving you mad, or just that having your legs every day is causing you dramas call 01543 396609 for a free consultation! A minimum of 8 session is usually recommended, and block booking, and multi-area discounts are available. (a £30 refundable deposit is required for all consultation bookings).

before and after mens laser hair removal midlands

before and after with soprano ice mens hair removal

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