Laser hair removal reviews – do you want genuine Lichfield based reviews?

Many people come to us initially as they have read reviews from people about our Laser Hair Removal. It can be worth trawling the internet to see what other people say about the clinic, and about the technology that we use. It’s really important to check reviews when looking for a clinic, as people will often tell when they have had a good or bad experience. Does the clinic only have bad or low-rated reviews? Do they only have great reviews? Do they sound honest – and are there plenty of them? If there are only two or three, why? Do people not want to review them and if not, why not? Are the clinic not asking their clients how they feel about their experience at their appointments?

These are things that are very important to us here at Xodos – Laser Hair Removal can be a very personal thing and you want to know that you are going to be looked after as well as possible, and made to feel as important as possible. We take pride in making people feel relaxed and comfortable, and always keep things as dignified as possible, regardless of the area being treated.

Whether you are just having a small area treated, for example a Top Lip treatment, it is just as important to us as treating a full leg or back for example.

Why not check out our reviews page here – all of our reviews are genuine, and as you will see many of these are verified by The Best of Lichfield, who agree that we are the best in the area at what we do.(scroll down to the bottom to see these)  There are also 2 video reviews from two of my lovely clients who were brave enough to agree to speak to camera as they love what we do and the results that they have had from our treatments.

And if you want to see how important dignity is to us, then please read our client review here – this lovely guy has stayed anonymous (you will see why when you read his review) but it is a fantastic review and we are so grateful to him for writing it for us.

So do your research – make sure your clinic has a good reputation and will treat you well, and how YOU deserve to be treated.

see you in clinic soon!