Laser tattoo removal for microblading and eyebrows!

Tattooed or Microbladed eyebrows are big business – long gone are the pencil-thin brows of yesteryear, and back in are big and bushy! Perfect shaped brows are in huge demand, and as a result there are plenty of therapists willing to offer the service. Laser tattoo removal for microblading and eyebrows is gaining in popularity as people change their mind, or suffer the consequence of cheap, unregulated practitioners.

What is the difference between tattooing and microblading?

There are new techniques coming all the time, but the basic difference is that tattooing is done through all depths of skin surface using a traditional tattoo system and inks, and microblading is performed with a blade, and ‘brush stroke’ marks are etched onto the skin to a shallower depth than traditional tattooing. Microblading is considered ‘semi-permanent’, whereas tattooing is still considered permanent.

What’s the problem?

The problem arises when you don’t get a reputable therapist. Microblading courses are very easy to come by, and there is no requirement for qualifications to do one. This means that after a days course, you can set up and put permanent ink into someone’s face. 

As with all areas of beauty and aesthetics, there are good, qualified and reputable therapists who are great artists and do a brilliant job. However, there are increasing numbers of ‘get rich quick’ merchants who see an opportunity to  make money by offering expensive services and not necessarily having the skills, and in some cases, the insurance to offer the kind of job you might really want.

Examples of a great therapist!

Amita from BlinkLash & Brow Boutique creates natural, subtle effects.

So what should you do?

Firstly, find a good, reputable therapist who has been referred by word of mouth, and who’s work you have seen first hand. Secondly, ask to see their qualifications and insurance. If they refuse, avoid them like the plague. Thirdly make sure you get a full, detailed consultation before they go anywhere near you with a blade or tattoo gun!

Ok, so you did it… and they are awful… what next?

laser tattoo removal for eyebrows
Bad tattooing of eyebrows is more commonplace due to disreputable therapists.

Well that’s where we come in!

Laser tattoo removal for eyebrows and microblading

Using a gentle setting, we gradually remove unwanted brow tattoos, usually without removing any, or very little, eyebrow hair. The type of laser we use does not permanently remove hair either, so any eyebrow-singeing is only temporary so you won’t lose what hair you already have!

We use a medical grade, clinical quality laser, the amazing Lumenis M22 Q-Switched Nd:Yag laser for dark tattoos, and we definitely err on the side of caution when using the laser to remove eyebrow tattoos on your face – we would prefer it was a slow process, with several sessions and a gradual fading rather than ending up giving you scars or burns on your face by trying to do it too quickly. Microblading tends to remove quite easily – it is shallow, and tends to give good results. However, sometimes, it is possible that the ink will fade to an orangey-red, which can be difficult to remove. This is due to the types of dyes used in the inks, and we can’t predict that! However it can still soften a very heavy over-tattooed look. A series of 2-6 treatments tends to get brows to a much better state, to either forget all about them, or prepare a better base for re-tattooing.

Eyebrow tattoo removal
Laser tattoo removal on micro bladed and tattooed eyebrows

So does it hurt?

It can be a bit sharp, but it’s pretty quick and we use ice to help with any discomfort. It usually takes less than 5-10 minutes.

How much does eyebrow laser tattoo removal cost?

Our initial consultation is free of charge, and a patch test costs £10 (which we offset from a treatment cost if you decide to go ahead)– we charge a £30 deposit, and if you have a patch test and decide not to go ahead, £20 is refunded (this is just to cover the cost of the disposable tattoo head). For eyebrows, we charge £70 per session. We don’t offer course discounts on these treatments as we don’t know how many you are going to need, so it makes sense to do them on a per-session basis.

Will it make it completely go away?

Not necessarily – as mentioned earlier, some residue of ink can be left behind. It should fade them so they are less obvious though, which can sometimes be enough!

Can all skin colours be treated?

Yes- with caution. The paler the skin tone, the less likelihood of changes to skin tone, pigmentation, burns and scars. It is imperative that there is NO sun tan, or fake tan in the area, as this increases the likelihood of burning.

How do I sign up?

Just message us on FB, use one of our contact forms, email on, or call us on 01543 396609! We are pretty easy to get hold of!