Laser tattoo removal Sutton Coldfield

With so many new techniques and amazing artists out there, tattooing is becoming a growing industry with people of all ages, genders and from all walks to life from students to pensioners, builders to lawyers and tv presenters getting inked! It’s not just the sailors and the rock stars these days!

However, it doesn’t always go to plan and a change of heart, a pending wedding, new partner (we get a lot of these!), or a dodgy tattoo job can mean that many people are now seeking safe and effective tattoo removal. The first point of call is often the tattooist, but actually many people don’t want a cover-up, partly because often the tattoo needed to cover it needs to be much bigger than the original, and without at least some removal, it can often just end up looking like a dark splodge.

There are some tattoo parlours out there who take this seriously and use good laser removal technology and ensure they are properly trained, qualified and insured. However my experience is really beginning to show that this is often not the case. Many clinics, salons and parlours out there buy cheap lasers and are not properly trained, and as there is no requirement to register or even train in laser therapies, I see a lot of badly done removal that either just doesn’t work, or at the worst case scenario causes damage and scarring.

Here at Xodos at Aston Wood Golf Club in Sutton Coldfield, we have only the highest quality technology – namely the fantastic Lumenis M22 laser and IPL platform, and the treatment is performed by our Nursing Director, Sally, who has a 25 year nursing background and is fully trained and insured to carry out laser tattoo removals safely.

All of our treatments come with a free initial consultation and patch test* to ensure you know everything you need to know, and we know that you are suitable for treatment, before you start.

Check out our tattoo removal page all us on 01543 396609 to find out more about laser tattoo removal for dark tattoos in the Sutton Coldfield, Shenstone, Lichfield and surrounding areas.

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