Make 2016 the summer of smooth skin

Sunshine and blue skies in recent weeks have got me excited that summer is on the way. How about you? We can never be sure how warm and rain-free a British summer will be, but I’m staying confident that we will enjoy some lovely days and long evenings with a chilled drink in hand.

Perhaps you’ve booked a holiday abroad to be sure of guaranteed sunshine and high temperatures and you are looking forward to a break from your usual routine, relaxing on the beach or dancing the night away.

So if you want to be free of the hassle and embarrassment of unwanted body and facial hair, and be completely comfortable in the hot summer months, there is still time to think about booking in some laser hair removal sessions and make this your smoothest summer yet.

You can put those hours spent shaving, tweezing, waxing, having electrolysis or using creams or abrasive pads behind you and say ‘goodbye’ to coarse regrowth and annoying ingrown hairs.

The state-of-the-art Soprano Ice laser hair removal machine at Xodos Aesthetics delivers a cool, gentle, pain-free treatment that provides a permanent solution to unwanted hair. Unlike older generation laser hair removal systems it won’t interfere with your plans to swim or soak up the sun – although it is important to wear sunscreen during a course of treatment.

And laser hair removal is not just for women. Men can be just as embarrassed about having hair where they don’t want it. The Soprano Ice can safely treat any area of the face and body – even the most delicate and intimate areas – and all skin tones and types. We offer private treatments and individual consultations in a professional clinic, not a traditional beauty salon, and it’s out-of-town but close to the A38 between Derby and Birmingham making it discreet, confidential and convenient for anyone living and working in the Midlands.

Call us now to book a free consultation and patch test, so you can experience how easy and comfortable the treatment is, and we will talk you through how we can plan your sessions in the run-up to the summer.

Everyone’s body is different when it comes to how quickly hair stops re-growing following laser treatment, hormonal fluctuations play a big part, but after eight sessions most people have a 70-80% permanent reduction of hair in any area. Most people see an improvement after just one or two sessions. Working with your body’s hair growth cycle, we can deliver an initial treatment or two before your holiday and, because the award-winning Soprano Ice is safe to use on tanned skin, we can continue your sessions after your holiday to get the best results for you.

At Xodos we have never seen anyone return to their pre-treatment level of hair, on the body or face, after a full course of laser hair removal using the Soprano Ice.

Book in today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Xodos Aesthetics is owned and run by Sally Wagstaff, an experienced registered nurse who will be able to answer all your questions.

Xodos Aesthetics was named Best Business to Consumer Company at the 2016 Business Networking Awards. Its outstanding customer service is one of the things that sets it apart from its rivals. We have testimonials we can share from delighted male and female customers of all ages across the Midlands. We will never take your money unless we are confident the treatment will benefit you.

Ring 01543 415942, or email, to take the first step to a confident new you this summer.