Men – we’re coming to get you for laser hair removal!

Over the last couple of months we’ve been on a man hunt – and boy has it been a success!

We are delighted that so many men have come into our clinic, just outside Lichfield, and had a free patch test to find out for themselves how painless laser hair removal really is.

Among the willing volunteers there has been a male model, two rugby players and a fireman. After all, not everyone likes the rugged, hairy look. Some men (and their partners) prefer the look (and feel) of a smooth chest and back while athletes may want to remove hair for hygiene reasons, for improved healing if their skin is damaged playing sports or to power through the water in a streamlined way if they are swimmers.

This month (June 10-July 10) the Euro 2016 football championships get underway, and you can be sure that many of the footballers involved in the tournament will not be shy about including hair removal in their personal grooming regimes.

Cool, comfortable permanent hair reduction

But traditional methods can be uncomfortable and time-consuming. Waxing is an eye-watering ordeal and the results of shaving only last hours. If you want to neaten superfluous hair below the belt, well, there are some places that NO man wants to go near with hot wax or a razor.

So, back to the Xodos manhunt; we wanted to raise awareness that laser hair removal with our state-of-the-art machine is cool, comfortable and will permanently reduce hair over a few sessions.

The revolutionary Soprano® ICE laser machine uses IN-Motion™ technology allowing it to glide smoothly across your skin, while the patented ICE system keeps your skin cool throughout the treatment. It is safe and effective on all skin colours and on any part of the face and body. It works on all hair colours, except grey, white and very fair hair.

So in the coming weeks we’re going to be choosing two men from those willing volunteers who answered our call and they will get a full course of hair removal – one for back and one for chest – in return for allowing us to share their experiences in words, pictures – and maybe videos – online. All applicants will also get one FREE treatment, regardless of whether they are chosen or not! We want to show men and their partners what we can do and how easy and painless it really is.

Dignity and privacy at the Xodos Aesthetics laser hair removal clinic

Since we launched our business we have helped many men find a permanent solution to hair removal. They appreciate the discretion and privacy that our out-of-town clinic offers and the expertise and knowledge of Xodos Director and Senior Nurse Sally.

One man, who had previously suffered two bad experiences through waxing, which left him with ingrown hairs and long term discomfort, paid tribute to the Xodos way of removing hair.

He said: “I booked in for a free patch test, and when I got there Sally explained everything to me – what to expect and how it worked. She was really friendly and easy to talk to, she put my nerves at ease straight away. Before I knew it, the patch test was done. A few weeks later I booked a full course. Sally’s treatment is the most dignified way I have been treated (the towel stays on!)”

He added: I’m now near the end of my course and my skin has totally settled down, no ingrowing hairs, no pain. I couldn’t be happier with the results – all I can say is it really does work. Thank you very much Sally.”

If you want to experience the Xodos way of removing hair, contact us for a free consultation and patch test on 01543 415942 or contact us online <link to>. We’ll bring you more about our two male case study volunteers later in the year.