More more men are starting to realise that grooming treatments traditionally reserved for women are actually great for them too! – why should they be left out?  Male grooming has become big business –  body hair removal is increasingly our most popular treatment, alongside tattoo removal, and men are seriously getting in on the act with around 35% of our laser treatments being carried out on men.

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The results of just 6 treatments of soprano ice laser hair removal on a clients back, 8 weeks after last treatment, with no shave.


With laser hair removal for men, the Soprano Ice can treat literally any area on the body; from chests and backs, to arms, legs, necks, eyebrows.  We can even treat intimate areas such as the scrotum, testicles and peri-anal area, which are usually are exceptionally painful on men with any other method! The Soprano however is comfortable, cool and very tolerable, and once the client has got over the initial embarrassment it is an easy and relatively quick treatment. All treatments are carried out by Sally, our Nursing Director, and all clients are treated with the utmost respect.

Hair removal provided by professional therapists in nurse-led clinic.


Laser hair removal for men is equally distributed throughout skin tones, cultures and professions. All skin tones can be treated effectively, and pain free with Soprano Ice. Even black skins, which previously would not have been able to be treated with laser or IPL can now be treated without the risk of over heating, blistering or scarring. The only difference with very dark skin tones is that it takes slightly longer to ensure the correct amount of energy is delivered to the hair follicles, without reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Treatment for stray hairs at the neck line is very popular with our male clients.

Almost all hair colours can be treated – the more pigment that is available in the hair shaft, the better the long term results will be. The pigment is very important to get a result, so all colours that have plenty of pigment will respond. Blonde and grey/white hair will not respond as there is no pigment, lighter browns would require a patch test and trial, and some reds do not respond well – darker reds can get some result. Very fine hair can sometimes be a problem, even if it is very dark, as the width of the hair means that there is not much pigment available to create a result, however we occasionally use our Lumenis M22 IPL system to tackle fine hair, or stubborn facial hair. Transgender facial hair removal is also very successful using our IPL system, although it is sadly not pain free. Laser hair removal for men is often very successful due to their hair being darker and coarser than women’s.

For more information on frequency of treatment, and FAQs, follow this link to find out more!

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There are very few people who are not able to have laser hair removal; some medical conditions and photosensitive medications mean we are not able to treat someone. (Roaccutane and Methotrexate being key ones) If you have just had lots of sun exposure we would need to leave the skin to settle. We CAN treat tanned skin, as long as it is a couple of weeks since the last exposure. Sun beds/tanning salons are worth avoiding – partly for the fact they are very bad for the skin! A session on a sun bed means that laser hair removal cannot be carried out for a minimum of 4 weeks, making a course of treatment almost impossible. Sunscreen should be worn on all exposed areas throughout a course of treatment, and avoiding over-exposure.


Laser treatments are NOT regulated in the UK – anyone can set up as a laser therapist, with no requirement to register or tell anyone. If they are lucky they will be able to get insurance. Our clinic is nurse led, with Sally having almost 30 years caring and nursing experience. We are fully insured, and make sure that we keep current with changes in the industry.

All of our consultations are free of charge with no obligation to book treatments – we take a £30 deposit, which you may use against treatment, but equally you can have that returned on the day, as long as you arrive for your consultation or cancel within our t&cs (usually 24 hours for short notice rearrangements or cancellations).

So what have you got to lose – except the hair?! Call 01543 396609 or click ‘book now’ to arrange your consultation!

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