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Microneedling Collagen Induction – Skin Pen or DermaRoller?


Microneedling has been a popular form of skin rejuvenation for some time, however there are different methods available, so as with anything, you need to make sure you are armed with the best advice you can get!


Microneedling – or Collagen induction therapy (also known as skin needling) is a skin treatment procedure that involves causing ‘controlled injury’ to the skin. This is done by repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, precision-made clinical needles. Effectively a very ‘organic’ treatment, as no other products are needed to get a result on the skin, this uses the body’s own healing systems to encourage a healthy natural healing effect. The results are tighter, brighter skin, a more even skin tone, reduced pore size and reduced scarring.


There are two main methods used – a Pen device or a roller system. Both are used to stimulate the production of types 1 and 3 Collagen (the type needed for most effective skin rejuvenation). It can also be used for more clinical treatments such as pigment removal, reducing acne scars, stretch marks and even for hair rejuvenation.


microneedling sutton coldfield lichfield

Cross section of the skin before and after Microneedling

While roller systems have been more popular in the past, pen devices are improving and starting to be used more often. There are several reasons for this but the two most important ones in our book are:


1. Microneedling Safety –

The SkinPen Precision system is the ONLY pen needling device currently approved for use by the FDA. It is the only device on the market with no chance of back flow of body fluids (blood and plasma) back into the pen – so there is absolutely no chance of cross contamination. In very thorough testing, all other needling devices showed some chance (in some cases very small) of cross infection with another client. This evidence of the safety of SkinPen was enough for us that this was the only device we would be prepared to use!


2. More precise application and less epidermal damage.

Roller systems have a roller barrel with needles on it, and it is rolled over the skin to cause the tiny holes.  This method cause the needles to go in and out at an angle, causing a ‘trough’ effect.  SkinPen, however vibrates very fast in straight lines, causing clean, straight punctures in the skin. This means that SkinPen has less downtime, and no risk of scarring of the skin.


Other very good reasons for using a pen system are:


3. More punctures per treatment with SkinPen compared with Dermaroller.

With a roller system, the numbers of punctures that are possible are limited. The SkinPen Microneedling pen can deliver up to 98,000 punctures per minute of use with its 14 high-precision needles. It is also much easier to get into difficult to reach areas, such as around the nose.


4. Adjusting depth with microneedling.

When using a roller, only one depth of needling is available, whereas with a pen system, the depth can be adjusted throughout the treatment. Different parts of the face need different levels of treatment, you may want to go deeper on acne scars, but very gently around the eyes and lips. This is easy and flexible with a pen system.


 What happens during a microneedling treatment?

All clients must have a skin consultation first to determine the best course of treatment for them. At a treatment, your therapist will apply a local anaesthetic cream for 30 minutes to make the treatment comfortable. some people are able to tolerate it without, but we wouldn’t recommend it! The treatment is carried out under clean clinical conditions, using a sterile cartridge and a clean, disposable cover over the entire pen system. The clinical area is cleaned and fresh paper is used to cover the couch. The clients skin is prepped using an antimicrobial, antiseptic wash once all make up has been removed. The skin is treated in small areas using a lubricant treatment serum to ensure there is no drag on the skin.

The treated area will become red, and small dots of blood may be seen – this is a positive sign and completely normal. The forehead and nose will be treated at a slightly shallower depth than the cheeks. The eye area and lips are treated at the lowest depth possible (0.25ml) regardless of how tolerant the clients skin has been in the other areas. Scarring and stretch marks may require deeper treatments; and this would always be carried out by a medical professional.

Microneedling After care

After the treatment, your skin will be very red (this is normal) and will feel tight and dry. For about 18 hours, your skin should be treated very gently, and only the products provided should be used. The following day, it is essential that sunscreen is used – the skin will be far more vulnerable after a needling treatment, so it is vital that it is protected. After 48 hours, your skin may look slightly ‘sunburnt’ but will otherwise be starting to feel much  more normal again. By day 3, you should be feeling more or less back to normal!

Results are often seen from 2 weeks, and Collagen synthesis continues for up to 300 days following just one treatment!We will prescribe appropriate homecare products to ensure that the correct ingredients are used between treatments – home care is 50% of the result of our skin prescriptions, so it is important to ensure that you have a good routine at home.

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Microneedling results – anti ageing skin rejuvenation

Microneedling skin rejuvenation sutton coldfield lichfield

Taken 2 weeks after 1 microneedling session – tighter jaw, lines less deep

Skinpen microneedling sutton coldfield