New Year, New You – get your confidence back!

The best part of my job is helping people solve a problem with excess face and body hair that has caused them embarrassment for years. Often they’ve often spent a lot of time and sometimes a huge amount of money for results that are so-so at best.

As an experienced nurse I was delighted to discover the Soprano Ice Machine and see for myself the results it can achieve with no pain and no health dangers.

Going to local business networking meetings has been an important way for me to build my business and spread the word about the service Xodos Aesthetics offers.

I’ve met some wonderful and inspiring business people and entrepreneurs – and many of them have been able to help me with essential advice and services. As professionals they know the importance of making a good first impression at face-to-face meetings – and many women have confided in me about their battle with facial hair and the painful, expensive and time-consuming appointments they have endured down the years to try and win the fight.

For some it’s become a daily task with tweezers and razors – and sometimes an early start for a breakfast meeting has meant keeping their chin down in a polo-necked sweater or relying on an artfully-draped scarf to disguise the start of stubble.

I’m really pleased when these women – who are doing such a great job of running their own businesses – try my painless hair removal process and get great results that give them the confidence to walk into any room with their heads held high.

One woman who booked a course of treatment with me, said: “I’ve tried so many different ways of removing facial hair over the years – but even machines that were supposed to make a permanent difference didn’t really help much – and some of them felt like someone was snapping an elastic band on my upper lip! But I’m so thrilled that I met Sally from Xodos at a business networking meeting. After my free patch test I realised the machine is as good as she describes. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on myself.”

Like many customers she’s discovered that a few appointments of only minutes each time will improve facial hair for most women dramatically. Everyone can have a free consultation and a free patch test to check the results for themselves – and discover that it really is pain-free.

It’s not just businesswomen who can benefit from Xodos Aesthetics hair removal. Men may also be uncomfortable with hair on their hands, ears, noses and (any) other parts of their bodies. The Soporano Ice Machine can safely treat hair ANYWHERE from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Ring 01543 415942 or email to book a free, confidential consultation where I can answer all your questions and help you ensure that you always make a great first impression.Xodos