Online skin consultations – what it is and how to get yours!

Our current situation is a strange one – and things are all very different to normal. Because we can’t do things how we would usually, our online skin consultations are definitely the answer!

What are online skin consultations?

One of the key things to remember is that we don’t sell products like you would buy in Boots. There aren’t just shelves of skin care products that you can choose and pay for depending on what you think you need, or what your instagram blogger says you should use. I only recommend products once I have spoken to you, and ideally seen you in person. We have realised that a face-to-face online skin consultation is actually a really great way to start this process. I can see enough, combined with what you are able to tell me, to prescribe a really great initial kit of products, and help you progress with your skin care routine.

At the end of your online skin consultation, you will have a full prescription of products to choose from, that are designed to suit your skin type, and should start to help to resolve any concerns. you will also have an email from me at Xodos, confirming the issues we have discussed, the priorities for the skin care we have recommended, advice sheets as necessary (for example Retinol Instructions), how to keep in touch with me, and what the plan for follow up is.

How do I book one?

Click on our Contact Us page, and go to the big purple ‘book now’ box near the bottom! Click on ‘Consultations’ and choose a Zoom consultation. You will be asked for a £30 deposit. For June 2020, this will be added to your account for use against a full priced treatment when you come in after lockdown eases.

What can I expect to happen once I start my skincare routine?

It is important to keep in touch with me – I am here to support you through the changes in your routine, to help if there are any issues, and to give advice as you move your routine forwards. In some instances (e.g. acne or rosacea) you may start to see some improvements within a few days, but generally I advise that this kind of process is ongoing, and results can take time – after all, if you are starting a routine with medical grade products at the age of 50, it has taken 50 years for your skin to get how it is now – it’s not going to completely change overnight! Retinol tends to give results from 6-12 weeks, if used properly.

How do I get the products after my online skin consultation?

As you won’t be in the clinic, I can’t just take products out of our cabinet for you. However, the Alumier online portal is very easy to use, and they deliver very efficiently. I will write your personal prescription, so you are able to go in and look at the products that have been recommended (bearing in mind there may be several that might come into play over the next weeks and months – you are not expected to start with them all! The accompanying email from me will explain which ones I would prefer you to start with.

How do I contact you if there is a problem or if I have any questions?

The quickest way to contact me ideally is via messenger through the group – Skin Deep West Mids & Staffs, and Online! – on Facebook, or through the business page Xodos Skin & Aesthetics

If you think you need to speak to me personally then call 01543 396609, although my availability via phone is limited. Messenger is definitely the quickest way to get me! You could, of course email me on the address that I will contact you on – If you are not sure, our contact page is here.

Online skin consultations