Only the best technology at Xodos!

If it’s good enough for lord sugar…

I don’t watch much TV. I don’t mean I don’t watch any, and I have my favourites obviously, but lots of things can pass me by. I have only just started Game of Thrones, I’ve never watched CSI, and I never watch soaps. I do however like a bit of ‘24’. Who doesn’t like Jack Bauer? Now there is a perfect example of a beautifully smooth chest. I wonder if he waxes? I’d like to treat him in the clinic….

Sorry, I digress.

Our television at home is generally tuned to children’s programmes or sport (in our house it’s a case of if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, so I shout at the screen with the rest of them throughout the sporting calendar.)

I also tend not to watch the Apprentice – however, you may remember that a young doctor called Dr Leah Totton won the 2013 series. She, with the support and investment of Lord Alan Sugar, launched her clinic, Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinics in London, in January 2014. (about a week after I launched Xodos….. )

To ensure that she was at the cutting edge of technology, she installed the same technology that we use here at Xodos – the outstanding Soprano Ice laser platform for laser hair removal. She also uses world-class laser platforms for other laser treatments including tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation and, like us here at Xodos, offers a plethora of other skin treatments and products, including micro-needling (coming soon to Xodos!).

At both our Lichfield, Staffordshire Clinic, and now at our Sutton Coldfield clinic in the West Midlands, we have always ensured we only use the highest quality treatments, products and services, as we want to give only the best experiences and results, there really isn’t anything better out there, so why would you choose anything else?

After all, Lord Sugar wouldn’t invest in just anything now, would he?