Pain Free laser hair removal – even on black and Asian skin! Don’t believe it? Read on….

Soprano® Ice Laser Machine – the great choice for darker skins

Hope you’ve been enjoying a break to recharge your batteries – whether it’s a sunshine getaway or some rest and relaxation at home. The weather may not always be brilliant here in the UK, but we still have some lovely hideaways to escape to!

It’s this time of year that makes a lot of people think more about hair removal because they want to bare their legs and arms when they go on holiday later in the year. For other people, excess hair on their faces and bodies is a year-round headache and trying to deal with it takes up their time and hits their confidence levels.

Dark, coarse hair can be the most embarrassing and troublesome, but the good news is that my Soprano® ICE machine gives just the BEST results on dark hair. The amazing pain free and cooling nature of Soprano treatments makes it ideal for clients with Mediterranean, Indian, African, Asian and Arabic skin types, because unlike with any other laser or light based treatment on the market, Soprano is both effective and pain free even on these dark skin tones – with predictably good results!

If you’re thinking of trying laser technology for pain-free, super-quick hair removal, it’s a safe way to treat any area – top lip, chin, sides of the face, neck, breasts, stomach, fingers and toes as well as underarms, bikini line and legs.

Black skin is more prone than many other skin types to razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Thankfully, they are a thing of the past with the Soprano® Ice Laser Machine.

Men – who as we discussed last month may choose to revel in their natural hairiness or go for sleek and smooth skin – can get rid of excess hair in and around the ears, the back, chest, hands and arms, and any areas where ingrown hairs are causing problems.

One of my clients is half-Spanish and struggled for years with very dark body hair that resulted in underarm shadows and shaving rashes. She faced the chore of shaving her underarms every morning – and sometimes again in the evening too. Waxing wasn’t an option for her as she hated having to let body hair grow between appointments. She came to me as part of her pre-wedding preparations. She was so thrilled with the results that she joked that she was considering walking down the aisle with her arms in the air to show off her smooth underarms to all her guests. Read her testimonial here! (she actually did do this – i have the video to prove it!)

Men and women with darker skins and hair can forget waxing, electrolysis, messy creams and shaving and let the cool, revolutionary Soprano® Ice glide painlessly over their skin.

It can even be used on tanned skin after your holiday. Speak to me for more information, or to enquire about a free consultation and patch test.

Ring 01543 415942 or email – and remember that I can also supply gift vouchers if you want to treat a friend or a loved one to the Xodos experience.