Uncovering the myths of chemical peels

There are many myths of chemical peels, so I would like to lay some of them to rest!

Facial peels mean I can’t go out for a week

Like you, I have seen many scary pictures bandied about on social media that portray chemical peels as though you are a leading character in a horror film. Skin is practically sliding off the skull and the likelihood of being able to return to the office within a week is slim.

But fear not.  This does not have to be the case.

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What we think will happen with a skin peel!

The reality of a peel is that your skin will most likely feel smooth and fresh for the first 2-3 days.  You may discover some dryness and flaky skin at around days 3-5 which oftentimes can be controlled with the right moisturiser, or a post-peel treatment kit from the clinic.  For more serious flaking you may want to avoid powdered makeup as they can make it look worse, but if you can have a few days without any make up on at all after your peel you maximise the chances of even better results.

So this busts myth 1- you will not look like you have lost several layers of skin in a freak ‘potato peeler’ accident!

The next myth is that all chemical peels are painful.

Incorrectly done, a peel can be painful. Deep, dermal peels, done for deep scarring etc would only be done by a doctor and would require an anaesthetic. We don’t do these! For someone with sensitive skin, a peel can be more uncomfortable than someone with a higher pain tolerance, but if we were doing a Glow peel, we treat to your comfort level.  And some peels, depending on the acids used, will simply create more sensation during the treatment than others.

All of our peels are ‘superficial’ or ‘superficial – medium’ depth peels. There is no requirement for anaesthetic, but will still have great results.  The treatment, whilst it is powerful, should also be relaxing.  

‘One peel and my skin will be perfect’.

OK – you know my mantra by now.  Good skin comes from a committed, long term effort to look after it with the right diet, products and treatments.  If you are hoping that one peel in isolation is going to turn you into a 10-years-younger candidate then sadly you are mistaken.

However, a series of peels used in conjunction with the correct prescription of products such as the Alumier retinols, serums, cleansers and moisturisers, will get you positioned for the best skin possible.  A monthly maintenance peel can be worked towards to keep your skin in tip top condition.

‘Chemical peels are completely safe’ 

This is a myth that worries me especially during these times of lockdown because people want to look after themselves at home.  This is great but you have to know what you’re doing.

Chemical peels need to be formulated correctly, tested properly and contain the right ingredients for use on your skin.  The science is important!

In addition, your skin needs to be prepared correctly before a peel can be used, for example with the use of pigment serums particularly in darker skin tones.  I always make sure that my clients have a full consultation before a peel is booked in and I won’t recommend the treatment until I am sure this is the correct course of action.  Although serious issues are rare, I will not compromise my clients in any way, because of the risks associated with scarring, infection or potential changes in pigment. In the meantime, speak to me about having a chat so you can get started with our at-home peel kit, including a gorgeous lotus scrub and Enzymatic peel to get your skin in the best condition as you can in these current lockdown conditions!

chemical peel lichfield

this is what it actually looks like 5 hours after a peel!

In safe hands, with the right guidance, chemical peels are an amazing addition to a clinical-led skin care regime and we’d be delighted to chat to you about how a peel can bring out your own inner glow! Find out from our client, Siobhan her thoughts on our products and peels!

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