Planning for a smooth wedding day and honeymoon?

It’s beginning to look a lot like wedding planning season, with wedding fairs taking place at hotels and other venues up and down the UK. Brides-to-be, their friends and relatives will be eagerly visiting stands for all the traditional wedding suppliers, including photographers, florists, jewellers, dress shops and party venues. Hair removal might not be top of your to-do list when it comes to planning your big day – but think about it for a minute. For a summer wedding you may want to be a beautiful bride in a stunning, sleeveless dress and you’ll want silky smooth underarms without razor burns, soreness or ingrown hairs. After the day itself comes the honeymoon, and you’ll want to enjoy every moment with your partner. No-one wants to spend every day shaving off their unwanted hair and keeping leg stubble at bay. If you are lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere hot, you won’t want to bare legs that are covered in unsightly razor nicks and shaving rash. Hair removal cream may give you smooth legs and underarms for a few days more – but the creams can be smelly and messy. Waxing is a popular hair removal choice ahead of honeymoons and holidays – but most people find it painful, and you will usually have the problem return by the second week, and if you are unlucky this will be accompanied by a host of ingrowing hair. Laser hair removal, by Xodos, is a permanent, painless solution to unwanted hair that can give you a dream wedding and honeymoon free from concerns about keeping unsightly, uncomfortable stubble at bay. And the bride isn’t the only woman who wants to look her best when the wedding day dawns. Many mothers of brides, and mothers of bridegrooms, may be fighting a private battle behind the closed bathroom door against facial hair as hormone levels fluctuate with age. No-one wants to dip their head on the wedding photos, or when greeting guests, to disguise hair on the upper lip, cheeks and chin. As you watch your children make their wedding vows and embark on the adventure of married life and love you should be able to hold your head up with pride and joy, looking your best. However busy you are with wedding preparations you can find time for the quick, painless sessions with the Xodos state-of-the-art Soprano® ICE, which delivers a cool, fast treatment leaving you unbelievably smooth and hairfree. Oh, and don’t forget the Groom – this treatment is perfect for backs and chests, so give your wife-to-be a treat with a smooth torso as a wedding present! Timing is everything, though, so as soon as you set the date for the wedding it’s time to start talking to us about booking your treatments to give you the best possible results. Hair grows in cycles, and at Xodos we have the experience to know when to time your appointments in the build-up to your big day. For most people, at least eight sessions are required to make a permanent difference (however, time it right, and even the first one could leave you hair-free for your honeymoon!). Sadly white and grey hairs are not suitable for laser hair removal, but hair that contains the pigment melanin to give it colour responds well. We offer a free consultation and patch test, without obligation, so you can experience the Soprano® ICE machine and its benefits and discuss the results you want to achieve. You have nothing to lose and the prospect of a smooth and stubble-free wedding and honeymoon to gain.