Results of treatment four for our lovely chaps! Hairy chests and backs? not here!

2017-01-13 10.06.35 mens hair removal lichfield 2017-01-25 10.05.00 2017-01-25 10.05.13Manhunt update! You men who would love a smooth chest or hair free back to be more comfortable on holiday or in the gym – read this!

I thought I would post the results from both of my lovely guys together this time – they are doing so well, and have only had 4 treatments each! On the first pictures, Matt’s hair growth has changed so much – you can see from the hair that is left at the top of his arm compared to how clear everything else is. We actually treated the tops of his arms this time, to make sure he doesn’t end up with a straight line! we are now looking at blending it in there and by doing a chest treatment or two as well! Mario has had amazing results – he has had around 8 weeks since his last treatment, and he has done nothing to his chest since we saw him last. you can see from the pictures that the hair is far less dense, and much softer. We managed to treat a bit closer to his tattoo this time too – but it gives a good indication of the difference that we have made!! So pleased – the Soprano ice is such an amazing pain free laser hair removal device that gives incredible results!

Call now on 01543415942 for more details- and if you book a patch test before the end of January, you will get either free tops of arms, tops of shoulders or back of neck absolutely free with a course of treatment!