Rethinking that ink?! If you regret your tattoo, read on!

Regretting that tattoo? What can you do?

Tattoos have been one of the major fashion trends of recent years. Originally only sported by sailors and convicts, now it’s all about celebrity, status and ‘style’. The likes of Cheryl Cole, Robbie Williams and David Beckham have flaunted their latest body art, thousands of people have been inspired to have their own versions created.

But like all trends, the different types, designs and styles of tattoos go in and out of fashion. A few years ago, tribal tattoos and barbed wire arm bands were the must-have body decoration – now, not so much. Full ‘sleeves’ are now very common amongst young men and women. But the tattoos themselves are intended to last forever.

As the years pass, people find that some employers frown on visible face and hand tattoos. There’s also the embarrassment of walking round tattooed with the name of someone who is now your ‘ex’. On holiday, and under the influence of alcohol and peer pressure, many people have tattoos that they live to bitterly regret. Not every tattooist is a great artist and some tattoos end up looking an embarrassing mess.

The Tattoo Fixers TV programme shows how poor quality tattoos and unwanted names can be transformed, but the end result is usually an even larger and denser tattoo. So what are the options for removal if you decide to rethink your ink?

In a nutshell, a tattoo stays put because the ink particles are too big to be dispersed by the body’s natural system for expelling foreign bodies.

Q Switch ND:Yag tattoo removal uses acoustic sound waves to shatter the ink particles – you can actually hear the acoustic ‘crack’ – and the body is then able to remove these smaller particles from the body via the bodies natural filtration system – the kidneys.

If you were to do a urine test on someone soon after a laser removal session, a microscope would detect pigment in the urine. Because of this you can’t do too much in one go as you could damage the kidneys with too much pigment flooding through them.

The results you get from tattoo removal by IPL or laser will be affected by the age of the tattoo and the quality of the original ink work, for instance if the tattoo artist was inexperienced or a bit heavy-handed, so causing scar tissue to be formed. Dark ink colours are usually easier to remove than reds, yellows and turquoise. Many people get great results in just a few treatments, some will take a little longer. Our Nurse, Sally will assess and advise as much as possible, although it must be remembered that everyone, and every tattoo is very different as to how it was originally done and how it will respond. As with all our treatments, the most honest advice will be offered at all times.

We are delighted to say that our Lichfield clinic, Xodos Aesthetics can now offer laser tattoo removal thanks to our new state-of-the-art, brand new shiny Lumenis M22 IPL and laser platform. As well as removing dark tattoos it can treat facial thread veins, pigment patches, sun damage and fabulous skin rejuvenation treatments, amongst other skin conditions. The best Staffordshire based clinic there is!

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