Retinol – the vital weapon in your anti-ageing toolbox

You may have watched the BBC 1 programme last night The Truth about looking good?

If not the basic premise was the researchers looked at a range of skin and beauty products to see whether any were better than any others, and whether it was worth spending money on the higher end products.

There were several issues to consider, but the main things that jumped out at me were the exact things that I tell my clients!

‘Moisturiser [on it’s own] doesn’t have the long term effects on our skin that we might think it does……. and that Suncream [SPF] and Retinol will keep our skin looking younger…. it’s all about the ingredients list and reliable evidence’

There is a lot of marketing manipulation out there – big brands rely heavily on expensive marketing campaigns and gimmicks (wash cloths, anyone? Bacteria collectors more likely!), but are the products actually any better?

Firstly moisturisers – these were over-the-counter cosmetic brands, ranging from less than £5 per 100ml to over £47 per 100ml. The experiment showed that only the 2 cheaper brands actually hydrated the skin, whereas the expensive one didn’t show any scientific hydration whatsoever! I often say to clients that if you are going to buy a cosmetic (as opposed to a cosmeceutical) moisturiser, you are just as well to go for the cheaper one.

The next points were do cosmetic moisturisers actually improve the health of the skin? The candidates were tested scientifically (for more detail by the way, see the iPlayer link so you can watch the programme!) and there was no evidence of improvement of the health of the skin using a cosmetic moisturiser.


So what SHOULD be in your skin care routine if you want to avoid or improve signs of ageing?


The most important thing they showed that was vital to skin health was a SUN SCREEN! Anyone who has had a skin consultation with me will know that I bang on about this all the time! PROTECTION AND PREVENTION are the key things for skin health! Sadly they didn’t talk about PHYSICAL rather than chemical sunscreens, but they did talk about UVA as well as UVB rays – i.e. you must wear your sun screen every day, even on cloudy days and in the winter! The rays even come through glass – as was demonstrated by analysing the skin of a coach driver who had never used a sunscreen – her skin showed many signs of ageing, and was significantly worse on the side of her face nearest the glass.

Sun damage Sutton Coldfield

Damage to skin when exposed to UV rays over a long period of time, picture from BBC1 The Truth about… 10 Jan 18.

The other essential product – as shown through scientific evidence – was the use of a Retinol. However it was stressed that these products range from £6 to £100’s…. and some don’t have a sufficient percentage of retinol to actually make a difference (we call this angel dusting!), so make sure you buy from someone who knows what they are doing

Why is this relevant to you? Well mainly because Xodos stocks Alumier MD products, which are a cosmeceutical brand that works with and within the skin to actively produce results, based on specific ingredients. Most noteably we have 3 different strengths of retinol, so we can make sure that you get the best results for your skin, based on your skin assessment.

By giving you a full assessment before recommending products to buy, we make sure you get the right products for your skin, by making sure the correct ingredients are prescribed for your skin type and any problems you may have.

Don’t waste money on inferior over the counter cosmetics – come and have a free skin assessment with our Nurse at Xodos in Sutton Coldfield, and see what we can do for you!

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