Safe laser tattoo removal and hair removal in Sutton Coldfield and Lichfield

More and more people are asking me about how safe laser treatments are – here at Xodos we use a variety of lasers for a range of treatments, for laser hair removal, dark tattoo removal and skin treatments. Xodos is directed by Sally, a qualified nurse with over 25 years of nursing and caring experience (she really doesn’t feel that old though!) and safety is absolutely paramount for her.

The scary thing is, there is no requirement to register with anyone to carry out laser treatments and you don’t actually need to be qualified in anything at all. If you want to get insured, (and we are all fully insured here at Xodos) you do need to prove some level of background knowledge and a training certificate, but many practitioners out there have no insurance, and no training.

All of our therapists have had full training and supervision until it is clear that they are fully capable of practicing safely and effectively.

Our laser treatments are all safe if they are carried out properly – can you be sure your clinic is properly trained, qualified and insured for all of the treatments they carry out?

Do not be scared to ask for proof of their qualifications, and make sure you are happy before you commit to anything!

You could call us too, for advice before you even commit to coming in. So call us today on 0121 227 4111.

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