Self-confidence, ageing and skin

Self-confidence, ageing and skin are very closely linked. When we looked at it, we realised that a huge proportion of our client base is made up of women, aged from about 40-55. Why is that? Of course we have clients of all ages, but over 40’s seem to make up the majority. There can be many reasons why someone seeks help for their skin, but often it is the feeling that they are getting older and they are starting to notice age-related conditions and problems. Self-esteem can take a tumble, and feelings of low-self-worth are common.

Hormonal changes and skin

As we age, our hormones change, and these changes are reflected, first and foremost, on our skin.  We see an increase in adult-onset acne, which can be a very distressing condition – most people feel that once they are past teenage they shouldn’t be getting breakouts any more!  Hormone changes often lead to more facial hair, which in turn can lead to more spots on the face – both of which can be very depressing!

Long-term sun-damage starts to show (remember those sun beds, or hours baking ourselves with baby oil, long before the real dangers of over-exposure were really understood?).

Skin can become dull due to hormonal changes, and also from the slowing down of skin cell turnover (did you know that Collagen production starts to reduce from the age of 21? Yep, we peak just out of our teenage years!)

Wrinkles and sagging – compared to our youthful selves, we start to lose elasticity and substance to our skin and at this age, we look at our blossoming daughters, and it can be very difficult to remember that we are beautiful in our own rights too, even if we don’t have that firm skin and teeny waist that our children are displaying! It can be very difficult to confront our newer, older, mature skins in the mirror in these circumstances, and it often leads to a trip in to our clinic to see what can be done.

anti-ageing skin care treatments

Aging, Skin and self confidence

So what can be done about our self-confidence, ageing and skin when faced with these changes?

Obviously there are a wealth of treatments and products on the market, which is what we are here to do, but before we even start on those things, we should look to ourselves and focus on Us First! The skin often mirrors our general health – and conversely a skin condition can contribute to emotional and mental well-being.

1 Remember who we are – we are mothers, friends, and successful businesswomen, hard working members of our community and supportive colleagues. We have so much more to offer than our skin – focus on what makes us great!

  1. Avoid the media! We are often made to feel insignificant and somehow lacking for not conforming to an ideal – you ARE ideal! I love hearing people’s stories, about what has made them who we are – and our faces reflect that and it makes us who we are.
  2. Focus on health – I often advise on environmental and nutritional elements that impact our skin. As a clinician there is a lot I can do to help your skin, but your environment, your nutrition and your stress levels are something that is down to you! Look at eating good nutritionally dense foods (while there is currently a big drive to plant-based foods, in almost all cases the most bio-available nutrients come from animal products), avoiding high levels of sugar and processed foods, caffeine and alcohol, watching your stress levels and controlling negative environmental factors where possible.
  3. Be happy to age! Old age is a privilege denied to many – if we can acknowledge that with age brings experience, love, and a growing family, perhaps we can be happier with how we look! If we have our health we have everything, right?
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Ageing and skin

Then, skincare!

Studies have shown that once we are past menopause, women become less stressed about ageing – so the hormones themselves are often the cause of our distress, so yet another good reason to push on through and come out the other side!

Once we have done all that, a great skin care routine can work wonders! Follow us to find out more – book your free consultation, and chat with our nursing director!

anti-ageing skin care treatments