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Chemical Skin Peels and Microneedling

Chemical Skin Peels

Alumier Chemical skin peels are a medical grade cosmetic treatment to encourage skin cell turnover, to reveal fresher, newer and rejuvenated skin gently and effectively. They can be used to reduce scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, and are even known to encourage skin to look firmer and less saggy as they work within the skin to stimulate collagen production – we tell our clients we are trying to encourage our skin cells to behave a bit more like they did when they were younger!

Our AlumierMD Professional peels are superficial to medium depth (meaning they work mainly on the top layers of the skin, and provide a progressive impact) and can be prescribed for a bespoke treatment depending on the skin concerns, with little to no downtime. They are great for general ageing concerns, pigmentation and sun damage, Rosacea, Acne and scarring and other skin concerns such as oiliness, dryness, breakouts and hormonal skin.

Peels are only 50% of the solution though – your own routine and the products you use are the other 50%. All clients will receive a personalised Skin Consultation service, to ensure you know absolutely everything you will need to do to maximise your results and ensure you protect your skin from today onwards.


No – there is virtually no down-time to an Alumier chemical skin peel. The products work gently within the layers of skin, but the results happen gradually rather than all at once, meaning you don’t have to take a week off work!

Immediately afterwards, our clients generally leave absolutely glowing! The skin looks refreshed and feels soft and hydrated. Over the next few days, the skin remains feeling fabulous, and after a few days a little patchy flaking may be noticed, however it is subtle and make up can be used – we often get told that foundation goes on much better after a peel.

Initially, best results are achieved by having peels every 2 weeks for up to 6 treatments, then maintenance peels can be performed monthly thereafter. However all of our skin peels are suitable for standalone treatments, and still leave the skin feeling gorgeous.

Our peels are very safe as a walk-in treatment, however if you have recently had strong sun exposure, an enzyme peel is better than a full depth chemical peel, and gives equally lovely results but avoids any risks of post-peel pigmentation.

Darker skin tones can have an enzyme peel as a walk-in treatment, but for deeper peels it is advised to pre-treat with homecare products for 2 weeks to avoid post-peel pigmentation.

If you are pregnant, most in-clinic treatments are advised against, but we have some lovely mask treatments and other alternatives for you, as we understand that you want to keep your skin in the best condition possible during your pregnancy – and it’s also the chance for some lovely You-Time! An allergy to aspirin means that the deeper chemical peels are not suitable.

However, most people can safely have a lovely, effective peel with no pre-treatment.

Skinpen Precision Microneedling

Microneedling is a great treatment for a variety of skin concerns. From general skin health, texture and anti-ageing, all the way to acne scars and redness and rosacea, microneedling can improve how your skin looks and feels. Our nurse will assess your skin and prescribe a course of treatment for you, and if it is appropriate she may prescribe microneedling.

It is important that you choose a day where you have no other commitments, as there is approximately 36 hours downtime if microneedling is performed alone (without mesotherapy for example – coming soon!). You need to plan to look after yourself for the next couple of days – you have invested in your skin, so make sure you invest the time to maximise your results.

The benefits you will get from Microneedling include

⭐️Brilliantly rejuvenating, stimulates collagen, reduces lines and wrinkles and improves skin tone and texture
👍🏻 great for pigmentation and sun damage
🙌 reduces redness and Rosacea symptoms
👁 lifts hooded eyelids and reduces crows feet lines
🌗 reduces acne scarring, tones down redness, smooths skin tone.

£225 per session, courses available.
Price includes
🍄Full initial consultation
🌼 Skin care prescription and treatment advice
🌻Local anaesthetic for treatment
🌷SkinPen Microneedling kit and full face treatment
🥂 Skin Fizz vitamin drink
🌺 a weeks aftercare products and full aftercare information
🌸 A deep hydration facial and review appointment after 1 week worth £65.

All of these steps are very important, so we make sure that absolutely everything you need is included!

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Everyone must have a skin assesement before most of our treatments – this is important so that Sally understands what your skin type is, what the problems are, and the best treatments and products for your skin. Consultations are around 30-60 minutes, and cost just £30.  You will be given a full prescription of home care products, and advice on where to go from here.

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