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Hair Removal

Women’s hair removal

Women seek hair removal for many reasons and often embarrassing dark facial hair is the first thing that causes them to search for a solution. Hormonal changes and disorders can cause changes in lip, chin and facial hair growth, including Polycystic Ovary disease, pregnancy, peri-menopause, menopause, puberty and thyroid problems. Facial hair can be particularly troublesome, and while it does respond well to laser treatments, it can be a little more stubborn than other body areas.

All other body areas can be treated – legs, underarms, bikini, hands and feet, arms, navel-line and nipples and breasts or any bespoke area. Shaving rash or ingrowing hair is often a reason that women seek a more permanent hair removal solution.

Intimate laser hair removal for women

A very common request is for bikini laser treatments, with ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Brazilian’ hair removal being the most popular. Hollywood bikini hair removal involves removing all hair in the bikini area, including the more delicate labial area. Brazilian bikini removal is everything removed, while leaving a small ‘landing strip’ of hair. If requested, Peri-anal hair removal can also be added, and as we only offer pain free laser treatments, this is far less unpleasant for the client! We always try to ensure the clients dignity is maintained as much as possible, and will always discuss the clients requirements before starting.

Men’s hair removal

Many men wish to remove hair, and for as many reasons as women. While we would not usually consider removal of facial hair for men, all other body areas can be treated. The most common areas for laser hair removal for men are backs and shoulders, chests, abdomen and genitals.

Intimate laser hair removal for men

Just as with women, the genital area can be treated on men and all genital laser hair removal treatments are carried out by our Nursing Director. Testicles, pubic area, peri-anal area and penile shaft can be treated with the Soprano Ice, without pain. All treatments are carried out with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Transgender hair removal

We have a professional arrangement with NHS England to treat Transgender clients as part of their treatment. Funding can be applied for once a treatment programme has been agreed with their own Gender clinic. Generally, funding up to £1500 can be arranged, which would provide a course of full face and neck treatments. Further discounted treatments can be provided on a private basis one this original course of treatment has been completed.

Other treatment areas can also be booked as a private client, however unfortunately we have not, as yet, had any clients receive any funding for other areas.

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