Skin care – why is it important?

The importance of a good home skin care routine


With the rise of injectable cosmetics – ‘wrinkle relaxing’, lip fillers, ‘botox’, face contouring, thread lifts and the like, it could be assumed that skin care is low on the list of priorities. How wrong you would be!


I am talking from personal experience here – for several years I had regular (and I mean very regular) botox injections with a very lovely and experienced Aesthetic Nurse (and despite what I am about to write, would still recommend her in a flash – she’s great!), and never gave the first thought to skin care. I do recall occasionally her mentioning words like ‘sun screen’ and ‘serum’ but I can honestly say that it did not register in my brain as something I should do. 


Did I have a skincare routine?

No. Unless a pack of face wipes (I can hear my fellow aestheticians and beauticians recoiling in horror!!) and a pot of the cheapest moisturizer that was on offer constitutes a routine…


But why wasn’t this enough? 

Well here’s a picture that might convince you…



skin care sutton coldfield

The results of a good skin care and treatment routine

The bottom picture is my skin when I was having regular botox injections. And then recently, at the top, 2 years after starting a proper skin care routine.


To inject or not to inject…

Within the first 6 months of starting to treat my skin with a bit of love and attention, I went from really feeling like I needed injections every 3 months, to suddenly starting to put it off more and more… I currently have had no injections in 12 months, and last time had far less than I had been having. Will I have it again? Absolutely! BUT…. My skin care and other treatments hugely take priority. My skin is glowing – that redness, inflammation and irritation is gone. I occasionally get a rosacea flare up but I am able to keep on top of it far easier now. It’s no longer dry in patches and oily in others. My lines and wrinkles are far subtler, despite less of the toxin. My skin is hydrated, smoother and glowing.


Could I have done this without the treatments I’ve had? My pigmentation would probably be less improved, and my deeper lines probably would be worse than they are – but the irritation, redness and general health of my skin would still have improved hugely with the improvement in my skin care routine.


If i had to choose, what’s the priority?

My number one priorty is SUNSCREEN – (If I’ve not spoken to you about sunscreen, have we even met?!). PROTECT PROTECT PROTECT!! Before we worry about anything else, let’s do what we can to make sure things don’t get any worse!


To me, taking OUT certain ingredients was as important as adding them – and my first step was to find a brand of quality but effective products that didn’t have nasty chemicals in them – particularly chemical UV filters. That is what led me to Alumier, and I can honestly say I haven’t looked back. No chemical UV filters, no perfumes, oils, dyes, parabens, sulphates or any carcinogenic nasties. Then it is about prioritising ingredients to tackle specific concerns. Retinol for antiageing, pigmentation and general skin health, other antioxidants (Vitamins C&E mainly ) for reversing the effect of free radicals in the environment, and other ingredients for skin health, removing pigmentation, plumping the skin, increasing cell turnover and a whole other raft of things that are possible long before you even consider treatments!


My priority for clients is to not overload them – if they are not used to doing a full skin care routine (like me!), to send them home with a bag full of products would not go down well. They would resent the money spent, and the products would likely spend the rest of their days sitting unused and degrading in a cupboard. I usually try to prioritise the products I recommend. Some people are keen to start a bigger range as they are already used to a skincare routine, but otherwise I prioritise the basics, and ensure they start to see results and get used to the routing before adding more to it.


The Perfect Routine.

Then I will reassess, and perhaps add another product until we are up to the routine we want to have. If something is working we can then slowly swap things out until we find the perfect routine for that client. A few of my clients have been kind enough to share their ranges, because they are very happy with the results that they are getting! You can see that they are all slightly different, because their treatment priorities are different.


skin care sutton coldfield

3 clients share their own Alumier skincare routines

What products?

The Alumier Essentials kit is a great initial product package, with a cleanser, serum and sunscreen for normal, oily or dry skins. Why not come across to our group – Skin Deep West Mids & Staffs to follow our 3 product testers through their trial with a full essentials kit! Want to know more? Our business FB page is here!


If you aren’t sure where to start, our ½ hour initial product consultation is free of charge or you could add a more in-depth assessment and a mini-facial for £50, and this will give you a full product and treatment prescription (no obligation to book though, as always).