So the machine has arrived! What an exciting day!

So Today has been most exciting! Not only can we still do the best pain free laser hair removal there is, right here in Lichfield, our amazing Lumenis M22 has arrived – this incredible piece of IPL and laser machinery is world class, and can treat around 40 different conditions! Many clinics advertise that the laser or IPL platform they use is great because ‘it’s the one used by the NHS’… frankly there are a lot better out there (think NHS funding..) so make sure you choose a clinic that is prepared to spend more on top quality equipment. Our machine here uses a Q-switched ND:Yag laser module for the best tattoo removal results around.

Today we have been doing lots of treatments on some amazing and brilliant training models, and have included treatments such as tattoo removal, and pigment removal on the hands, face and body. Thread veins (sometimes called spider veins or spider naevi) are just amazing to treat – one ping with the handset and they disappear before your very eyes! General skin rejuvenation can take years off skin that is affected by age spots, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and general redness – including rosacea and thread veins.

The tattoo removal is such a great thing to do – to watch results happen, and the difference it can make to people is amazing. here at Xodos we carry out gentle treatments, so we don’t leave scarring, and hopefully it is not too painful – we provide ice, and clinical dressings, disposable ice packs and soothing aloe vera gel to take home with you to make sure we do everything we can to minimise discomfort. A gentler approach means that the tattoo should gradually fade with a minimum of blistering, as we don’t want to leave a tattoo-shaped mark behind. The dark colours are easiest to treat, with reds and yellows being the hardest – although we can hopefully get some fading of these colours.

We offer full consultations and patch tests free of charge*, just as we do with our hair removal, so why not come along for a coffee and a chat, so we can advise on the best treatments for you? Just think – younger skin, right here in Lichfield!


*subject to a refundable deposit on attendance of appointment
m22 pic