Tattoo removal consultation – what is it?

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Perfect for small tattoo removal on hands, ankles etc.

Do you have an unwanted tattoo? Do you need a tattoo removal consultation?

Who has unwanted tattoos? We see a lot of people for a tattoo removal consultation, for loads of reasons. Mostly, they had a rubbish tattoo in their teens, rushed into it and not thought about what it might look like later on! A few years on and… oh dear, they have outgrown the ink, and want to ‘grow up’! Worse still, the name or initial of a now-ex partner makes it very difficult to move on to another relationship! We have lots of newly engaged men and women, who can’t marry until the previous partner has gone!

What happens in a tattoo removal consultation?

A tattoo removal consultation at Xodos Aesthetics in Kings Bromleyis a free of charge, no-obligation appointment with Sally, our Nursing Director. With 25 years in nursing, Sally takes her job very seriously.  She has made sure the equipment in the clinic is the best possible, to make sure she does the best job she can.

We think it is really important that you know everything you need to before having tattoo removal, so you will have plenty of time. We have a relaxed atmosphere, with great coffee! You will fill in some personal details, including basic medical details to make sure we are ok to treat you, and sign a consent form for a patch test.

Sally is great at helping with any worries you might have, so ask away! She will make sure you have everything you need before you make a choice to have treatment.

She will go through the treatment cycles (every 6 weeks usually), and how many you may need (hard to know really, but usually at least 4-8, and maybe as many as 10-15 if it’s a tricky one.). Our laser only works on dark colours, so pink, yellow, green and orange will not really work.  Blacks, blues, dark greens, browns and purples work the best. Other colours might fade though, so this could still be great for a cover up.

The patch test is quite quick – just a few shots to test your tattoo. It can be painful, but we use lots of ice to take the edge off, or some numbing cream if we must! The more you have, the less painful it gets usually, as there is less ink to be blasted. Click here to book your tattoo removal consultation!

tattoo removal consultation sutton coldfield

3rd treatment for this tattoo. This client is going for a cover up.

So how does laser tattoo removal work?

All lasers need a colour to get a result – in tattoo removal this is the tattoo ink. The laser light is attracted to the ink. The ink  shatters, breaking into smaller pieces, which are then small enough for the body to remove them. Ink specks can be seen under a microscope from the urine of someone one after a tattoo removal session!

The tattoo may ‘blanch’ which means it goes white, it may raise and the skin may get a bit swollen. This is quite normal – even a bit of bruising too sometimes. It is very common for the tattoo to scab over, and this will settle over a few days. The tattoo should look faded quite quickly, and will carry on fading even if you don’t have more treatments. Each treatment makes it fade a bit more, and within 4-6 treatments, it will look so much better! Some are more or less gone in this time, but most people will need more than this.

Watch here to see a clip of tattoo removal!

tattoo removal consultation