Tattoo Removal is finally coming to Xodos!

On the cusp of our third anniversary, we are absolutely delighted to announce that, in January, we are launching several new treatments here at Xodos! One of the most exciting of these is the introduction of State of the Art tattoo removal, using the Lumenis M22 laser platform. We can’t begin to explain how fabulous this machine is going to be, and how great the results are that we are able to produce.

We will be looking for individuals who have tattoos that they would like to have removed by laser to volunteer for FREE trials. Several will also be chosen for a FREE full course. Other treatments will include pigment removal and thread vein treatments.

The only condition for requesting inclusion in our trial is that they are happy to have pictures taken, possibly short videos of the treatment and will be happy to tell us what they think of the treatments that they receive. Those who are chosen for a full course will need to be happy to be used as a mini-case-study for our marketing. (if you are too shy for this, please do let us know so we can keep you up to date with our offers for tattoo removal anyway).

Email us on or call on 01543415942 to give us your details, and we can arrange for you to come across for your free trial. (candidates will be selected on their suitability and will require an initial telephone consultation with the Nursing Director.)


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