Sally Wagstaff

Sally Wagstaff served for eighteen years as a Naval Nursing Officer and has been married to her
husband who also serves with the Navy Medical Services for nine years. The majority of Sally’s Naval
career was based in the South Coast with her husband often serving away. Sally has two young
children and took the decision in 2011 to leave the Navy and concentrate on building her career
outside of the services. As a dedicated and talented nurse, Sally has maintained employment for the
past two and half years but has long had the desire to set up her own business.

Following a friend’s recommendation, Sally contacted the Armed Forces Dependants’ Business StartUp
programme run by the University of Wolverhampton and enrolled on Cohort One. When Sally
started the programme she had two business ideas running in parallel and was looking for a way to
take them both forward. As a cake designer with an impressive portfolio, Sally wanted to turn her
talent into more than just a hobby but her main business idea was in the cosmetics industry
performing non-invasive laser hair removal.

“When I started the course I knew that I wanted to set up my own business but I lacked the
confidence to take the leap. Cake decorating is a part-time passion of mine but the financial outlay
needed to start-up in laser hair removal is a huge commitment,” said Sally.
Within one month of completing the first part of the programme which concentrates on business
finance and legislation, Sally had evaluated the two business ideas and focused her plan on laser hair

“The programme has given me the confidence and knowledge to understand how to approach my
business idea in laser hair removal. Within two months of starting the course I had devised a business
plan and with the help of my assigned business mentor I have successfully secured funding. I am
now the Company Director of my own business ‘Xodos Aesthetics Ltd’ and I couldn’t praise the
programme enough,” continued Sally.

Sally now has business premises in Lichfield and with the full support of her family is focused on
building her business with the view to expanding and offering additional procedures. It is Sally and
her husband’s intention to work together after his retirement in five years’ time.

“I now don’t have the time to make cakes but I am relishing the challenges and opportunities that
each day brings in developing my own business. I also have a business mentor to help guide me
through my decisions which is a great comfort,” said Sally Wagstaff, Company Director of Xodos
Aesthetics Ltd.