Top tips to survive camping, glamping and music festivals


Did you know there are more than 300 summer music festivals in the UK and Ireland?

Perhaps you’ve got tickets for one of the great gatherings still to come in July, August and early September? If you still want to join the fun you’ll find a list of events big and small here on the Festival Calendar website.

Muddy fields, sunny city parks or breezy beaches all provide challenges when it comes to having fun and making memories in the great outdoors.

Even if you are planning a more traditional camping holiday, or maybe ‘glamping’ with more home comforts, you will be glad of anything that makes your beauty and personal hygiene regime a bit more simple and easy.

Pain-free laser hair removal can take one chore off your list and make you feel more confident. It’s too late now to have a FULL course of treatment ahead of your summer 2016 holiday but many clients find that even one or two treatments can make a difference – and if you start planning now your skin could be smooth and hair-free for 2017.

A free, no-obligation consultation with our Nursing Director Sally Wagstaff will explain the results you can expect and you can have a free patch test to experience how pleasant, painless and quick it is to have a laser hair removal session with our ground-breaking Soprano Ice Machine.

The good news is that having laser hair removal treatment with Xodos Aesthetics doesn’t stop you swimming, dancing and having fun outside, providing that you use sun protection – which is sensible advice for everyone anyway, even on a UK cloudy summer day!

Tests show that the Soprano Ice laser hair removal system can treat hair around 30% more effectively than any other hair removal platform – and if you get caught in a summer downpour, bare legs dry faster than jeans!

So what about those top tips for summer fun when you’re camping, glamping or dancing at a music festival?

  1. Don’t pack the kitchen sink. Travel light and don’t take more than you need. Keep valuables (money, ID, passport) with you and never leave anything you cannot afford to lose in your tent.
  2. The sun beams out skin-damaging rays even when it’s behind the clouds, so don’t forget sunscreen on a cloudy day – and if you’re having laser hair removal it’s ESSENTIAL.
  3. When the sun does shine it’s easy to lose track of your alcohol consumption when you’re having fun and feeling thirsty. Keep hydrated with lots of water. You don’t want to spoil your break with a hangover.
  4. Make sure you can find where you’ve pitched your tent when it’s dark or you’ve had a couple of drinks. Look for permanent landmarks nearby that will help you identify it. A torch or a headlight is also a must-pack item.
  5. Have fun. You’re on holiday!

Ring 01543 415942, or email, to book your free consultation and patch test so you can look forward to outdoor breaks and holidays being that bit more stress-free.